When putting your hands down a girl's pants while making out?

Would you get turned off if she didn't feel smooth... I shave but it still feels rough & doesn't take long for stubble to grow. Also what if her labia is big & you can feel it & have to move them out the way to finger her, is that a turn off? Or what if she wasn't wet... Is that a turn off?


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  • Smooth?


    We're not pedophiles here!

    Some of us want the feel of a WOMAN, not a little girl!

    I guess as you grow to a certain point so do your ... "lips"

    That seems normal. Why fight it? I had no real preference so I take what is bestowed upon my fingers and tongue, and I like it. Any way it would have been presented to me would be a turn on really.

    As for not being wet, we're human. We have limitations. If she's not wet a little lubracant can work wonders. No big deal.



    Never in a million years.

    Hair. For the real adult look.

    Oh she helped me shave in preparation for my vasectomy. But I didn't have to shave myself totally. Sorry for the rant but shaving someone smooth for the look of a nine year old doesn't impress me. Not at all.