When putting your hands down a girl's pants while making out?

Would you get turned off if she didn't feel smooth... I shave but it still feels rough & doesn't take long for stubble to grow. Also what if her labia is big & you can feel it & have to move them out the way to finger her, is that a turn off? Or what if she wasn't wet... Is that a turn off?


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  • Smooth?


    We're not pedophiles here!

    Some of us want the feel of a WOMAN, not a little girl!

    I guess as you grow to a certain point so do your ... "lips"

    That seems normal. Why fight it? I had no real preference so I take what is bestowed upon my fingers and tongue, and I like it. Any way it would have been presented to me would be a turn on really.

    As for not being wet, we're human. We have limitations. If she's not wet a little lubracant can work wonders. No big deal.



    Never in a million years.

    Hair. For the real adult look.

    Oh she helped me shave in preparation for my vasectomy. But I didn't have to shave myself totally. Sorry for the rant but shaving someone smooth for the look of a nine year old doesn't impress me. Not at all.


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  • Being wet wouldn't be a turn-off, but I'd be concerned; if I go up while she's dry I could hurt her.

    The rest doesn't matter, at all.

  • None of what you mentioned is a turn off. I prefer bush over stubble. Waxing is the best, nothing beats the wax, but it's still no big deal. Big lips are no problem. Obviously, he'd prefer wet, but he will assume that you are attracted to him because you're letting him touch you. Like the other guy said, as long as he doesn't find a penis, he'll be looking for a shady spot.

  • If we are at the stage where hands are in pants, those things don't matter. They seriously don't matter.

    Plus, all three of the things you say are more common than you think.

  • Nope, I don't care, as long as when I don't feel like I'm touching sandpaper, then I will continue as normal.

    • But it does kind of feel like sandpaper... If I shave in the morning, it will have stubble by the evening :( and I can't shave too often because it makes my skin sore.

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    • But are we talking like, 100 grit, or like 500 grit? Hahaha.

    • any grit lmao

  • Smooth is best. Fur is second best. Stubble is least good, but hey how bad can hand on p**** be? It is always a major turn on.

    Big Labia are great - very sexy!

  • I think when a guy is horny he doesn't care.

  • Honestly, unless you have an actual penis I don't think guys are going to mind whatever they find.

  • As long as I don't get lost in your pubes while looking for your pussssy then it's not a turn off

  • I would be happy to have my hand down your pants and would not care if there was hair or stubble...not would I care about the size of your labia majora or labia minora...(:

    • And so wouldn't any other guy. (With some weird exceptions.)

    • LOL! I think you are correct my friend...(:

  • No, the only time I would get turned off is if something bit my hand when down there. Other then that don't worry so much about it.


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  • goood question!

  • that was a good question I've always wondered that