How do I pop my cherry myself?

I want to have fun the first time I have sex not I need someone to tell me how to pop my cherry myself. I don't care how expensive your plan is just tell me all of the things I need and where to get them.


Most Helpful Guy

  • sometimes when your young the cherry will pop itself when like doing somehting that makes that part move for example sometimes riding a bike but if you want to get use to having sex buy a sexual toy and masturbate or get a guy that will help you to use fingers to pop it.


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  • buy a dildo and masturbate with it

  • a very easy way to pop your cherry is to simply use a tampon. however the pain from sex comes from your p**** lips being stretched out. you could stretch them out with a dildo or vibrator before but most likely it will hurt your first time anyways

    • LOL NO!

      You don't pop yourself with a tampon!

      Tampons don't go in anywhere close to ask far in as you have to

    • Actually that's how my girlfriend popped hers so I guess they do work

  • masturbate. use a vibrator. really just get down there used to action. when you do have sex take things slow. it will give your body more time to get ready and less likely 4 pain.


What Girls Said 2

  • weather your cherry is popped or not it could still hurt the first time you have sex so when you have sex it might hurt the first couple pumps but it will get better and also make sure your well lubed up either by your own juices or some help from your guy going down on you or some lube but I don't think that the cherry is the reason that sex hurts its the stretching to the limit of the lips and what not

  • thats stupid, just have sex