What country is most known for high anal practice?

Just like the title says, I was discussing this a bunch of friends and they named a few countries, so I thought I'd ask gag people, what country do you think practices anal sex highly?


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  • Hetero :

    1- Brazil

    2- US

    3- India

    4- Japan

    Homo :

    The US is the only country I can think of, they have the highest gay population of all the countries, though plenty of gays do not practice anal.

    • but berlin has the highest gay population of any city... oh the irony

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  • rofl...lmao...this question just made my day :D ...i mean...why would you--... for what reason w--...I don't even--...well I never.

  • I honestly have no clue. Maybe the US because we make the most p*rn?

  • I don't think GAG is the best place to go to get this sort of answer... email the question to manswers theyll find out for you, personaly I think Brazil sound plausible but I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be some random eastern European country like Romania

  • Brazil comes to mind only because of how sexually open they are, with India in tow for some reason, but I honestly have never looked that up.

    • Haha yeah, I noticed that a large amount of brazilian women crave anal sex like crazy.

  • I would say Russia but having been to Ireland there woman will try anything if your in a full relation they love to fuck

  • Greece. The greeks invented ass play.

  • The Vatican :)


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  • I am from Sweden and I think that the french are known for anal, but its practised widely throughout most of Europe. Also I think it is popular in Brazil, due to a few reasons including having a lot of people believing that virginity should stay until marriage (but anal sex is ok).

  • Brazil

  • Madagascar.

  • what

    • seriously I don't even