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Girls do you like taking a guys virginity?

as a guy I know I love taking a girls virginity but only one sadly but do girls get the same turn on as we do or do they just want a guy who is... Show More

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  • Yes...it makes me love him more because I feel like he trust me and want to be part of my life.Sadly I never get one yet...*sigh*

What Girls Said 10

  • No. I had the chance once and I didn't do it. If I loved the guy then that's different but if it's just sex then no. I wouldn't feel right and for the record I can't stand guys that enjoy taking a girls virginity just for that reason.

  • i hv never dn it, would hv wanted d chance to do it but my boyfriend wasn't 1 and well I love him anyways

  • I love it, love being trusted that immensely by my guy. I've been with 3 and they did actually pretty great.

  • I alqays wanted a guy with expirience but I have my boyfriend he wasn't a vargin...and it didbt vothered me...till I thought bout it... I got jelouse becauae he took my verginity and I didn't get his...its just he was touched by others and I wasnt...and every not second but every two,or three days he tells me...ha I got you first ...im glad but its just it makes me feel uncufterble...

  • In bed for a girls pleasure is better to have an experience guy they know more is easier to get turn on..but if you want someone as they say "not used" then is better to have a virgin, it just depoends on the girl if she's OK with a "used guy" or not

  • I like when my guys a virgin. My boyfriend was a virgin when we met and I was his first, but he was my second. It bothered him, but we're both pretty jealous people. Experience is nice sometimes, but when you're young and wanna be in love it's nice to feel innocent and teach each other what feels good :) However, to answer your question: girls are virgin slayers too :)

  • Depends on the girl. I've only had sex with one virgin, but I loved every minute of it. He was fine with letting me take control. The look on his face when he came was enough to make me come in and of itself.

    • so I gaver you like being dommiant in sex lol and other girls like that would like virgins more or so I figure

    • I'd say that I'm semi-dominant. But really, seeing that my guy is enjoying himself is what turns me on the most. If a girl just likes to lay there like a dead fish and get banged with the lights off, she probably wouldn't appreciate a virgin very much. So yeah, you're probably right.

  • not really.

  • My friend told me that she likes to take a guys virginity, she feels special and trusted because of it. It's special I guess.

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  • I love taking a virginity too- it's like a conquest. I think it's just the guys that get turned on by that actually

    • i know we do hence I put girls at the front of the question lol

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