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How many of you girls have ever been in a gang bang?

How many of you girls have ever been in a gangbang and what was the most guys you had?

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  • Damn! Dat's whut I do euurry night! My pimp be saying I'm da nastiest ho he's eva SEEN! ;D Most guys I had in a night wuz bout 312.. That was a LOT of gangbangs lol No never :P

  • nope, but the seattle metro just had to put up signs in some of the bus lines that said "please do not gangbang on the bus" apparently it's a bigger deal here than I thought.

  • 7 with guys and girls. 4 with all girls.

  • No i haveny. But wish i could. I watched it many times and its amazing.

  • I have, with four.

  • I have, I was with 4 guys at the same time. It was also the first time I tried DP.

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