Why don't men like condoms?

What's so bad about them? I don't see how it would make sex feel bad? You would still feel the pressure & rubbing on your genitals...


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  • They pull the "it doesn't feel as good" line.

    Let's see:

    -Takes 2 to have sex

    -Takes 2 to create a child

    -Takes 2 to raise a child

    -Takes 2 who could have prevented the pregnancy in the first place

    THEN they think that a woman having an abortion should be based solely on the guys desire

    Both the girl and guy should do their part in regards to pregnancy prevention. He needs to wear a condom and the girl needs to take the pill, get the shot, use a female condom or get an IUD or implant.

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      100% agree! Guys are selfish if they put all the responsibility onto the woman... Birth control can go wrong so condoms should be used as well. I would never go without a condom unless I was married and wanting kids.

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      I agree with your last paragraph. The responsibility should be shared.

      Plus, even though it really "doesn't feel as good", that is not a good excuse.