Why don't men like condoms?

What's so bad about them? I don't see how it would make sex feel bad? You would still feel the pressure & rubbing on your genitals...


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  • They pull the "it doesn't feel as good" line.

    Let's see:

    -Takes 2 to have sex

    -Takes 2 to create a child

    -Takes 2 to raise a child

    -Takes 2 who could have prevented the pregnancy in the first place

    THEN they think that a woman having an abortion should be based solely on the guys desire

    Both the girl and guy should do their part in regards to pregnancy prevention. He needs to wear a condom and the girl needs to take the pill, get the shot, use a female condom or get an IUD or implant.

    • 100% agree! Guys are selfish if they put all the responsibility onto the woman... Birth control can go wrong so condoms should be used as well. I would never go without a condom unless I was married and wanting kids.

    • I agree with your last paragraph. The responsibility should be shared.

      Plus, even though it really "doesn't feel as good", that is not a good excuse.

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  • You feel less.

    I'm not suggesting they shouldn't wear them or anything, but it feels better without them. Really.

    • How? It's just a thin layer of rubber... I don't see why it would make it feel worse?

    • I'd guess for the woman, its a slightly different texture rubbing against her, but for the man, all friction is between the outside of the condom and the woman, and then indirectly translated to his penis. So yes, there's less feeling.

  • Well, we feel the pressure and the rubbing on the genitals when we masturbate, but masturbation doesn't make up for sex does it? So that argument is not valid.

    And for the record, there is a difference.

    About the argument that you wouldn't feel the difference... You didn't even try it and can comment about the difference and say that the people that did try it are false in saying that there is a difference? That sounds illogical.

    Plus, about your comments:

    Of course we would use condoms. Even though it sort of "dampens" the experience, it is better than catching a disease or getting the girl pregnant. We are not arguing about that. We are on the same page. Just because we complain about condoms doesn't mean we don't use them, so please stop saying "Guys just like to winge about things & they are selfish. Do you ever stop and think what's it's like for a woman to be on birth contol & all the things she has to put up with?"

    • Women complain too much about birth control. Pills are not the only option.

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    • I know, but I'm addressing that

    • @ Question Asker: Whatever you want to believe. May be its "all in our head", may be we are lying, may be "it wouldn't feel THAT different", may be we "just like to winge", but we are DEFINITELY not right. Fine with me.

      @ Evangelina: Oh OK, sorry then.

  • It doesn't make sex feel bad, just less good. And not just for the guy.

    • I wouldn't even notice if he had a condom on or not.

  • I once heard a great way to illustrate the point. Remember, you asked why men don't like condoms, so that's the question I'll answer.

    Try stroking your arm with your opposite hand. Remember the feeling. Now try covering your arm with just a thin film of plastic, for example the type used to conserve food. Stroke your plastic covered arm with your opposite hand. Now please, tell me there's no difference.

    I hope this answers your question.

  • I could be mistaken, but I always thought girls disliked condoms as much as guys.

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  • probably the same reason why we don't like pads or tampons ...its uncomfortable. A diaper and a pre-rape tool. Who would have thought.

    But I mean we wear them anyway to prevent a leakage disaster...lol

    So whatever there excuse is ...they should wear it anyway.

  • It's weird some girls are fighting about this, seeing as how they don't have a penis. Therefore don't know...

    you don't know what it feels like so quit tryin' to act like you do... >.>

    • I just think it's a stupid excuse. Safety is more important.

  • Nothing replaces unprotected sex, sensation wise... Its just not the same, denying that fact is ridiculous.

    • How would your vagina even know the difference?

    • It's all in sensation. Nerve endings, lubrication. I can easily tell the difference, stop denying the truth even if it isn't "what should be said"

  • its just not the same feeling. my guy has a harder time getting off when we have to use a condom. and it doesn't feel as good for me either for some reason. he discribed it as when you have to wear latex gloves but the are one size to small

    • Well maybe he should wear a condom that fits him properly & he won't get that feeling.

    • if he gets the next size up it will be to big and fall off. its still just that sensation having it over him even if its the proper size

  • guys want the feeling of skin on skin contact but 5 seconds of pleasure isn't worth an std, hiv or unwanted child so wrap it up

    • I agree. Men who refuse to wear them are selfish. Because it's more important to be safe.

    • i agree! because they want things to "feel better" were the ones who have to deal with the pregnancy if we have one and having to make tough decisions on that especailly if he doesn't want to be in the childs life all because he wants it to feel better lol

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