He fingered me and now I'm bleeding! help!

my boyfriend fingered me and it kind of hurt and when I got home I realized that a little blood was coming out. is this normal? help!


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  • One of three things, none of them being unusual:

    - if you're a virgin, and your hymen is relatively intact, he might have torn it a bit, which will cause bleeding.

    - he might have cut you with his fingernails. A guy who knows he might be stirring the honeypot should prepare by having clean, trimmed fingernails and recently-washed hands.

    - he might have just been a bit rough on your internal tissues. It is not very uncommon for small amounts of blood to result, as well as some soreness.


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  • Probably not much to worry about unless it continues. He broke your hymen or scratched you. It should stop -- if not see your gynecologist.

  • cherry poppin... good stuff

  • Tell him to cut his friggin fingernails

  • He could have broke your hymen. If not, it probably shouldn't be bleeding- maybe his nail cut you a little bit.

    I wouldn't worry about it.


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  • totally normal I bleed sometimes when I get fingered and I'm not a virgin. He could have just scratched you with his fingernail which happens a lot.

  • If it's like a tablespoon .. then he popped your cherry- assuming it hasn't been popped previously. If so, he just hit your cervix. Which causes a bit of pain, and a bit of blood. If it was your hymen he broke, it will hurt like a bitch for awhile.

  • He popped your cherry gurl

    • is this a bad thing? this is new to me

    • Not really, but now when you have intercourse. It's not going to hurt. I think you just lost your virginity kinda..

  • Is this your first time? Was he rough?

  • I think you just lost your virginity :-/ but yes that's normal, don't worry :)

  • next time tell him to wait a little longer and get you more turned on physically, or use some lube. bleeding is normal if it was your first time (or close to it) but eventually it shouldn't hurt at all and if it is he's doing it wrong and you need to tell him! I thought that was just how it was supposed to be with my ex and it was miserable, I bled every time, but my current boyfriend takes the time to get me all worked up and wet so it doesn't hurt at all it feels really good.

  • Period Juice?

  • yes. next time make sure his nails are clipped as close as possible because that could have caused a small cut inside you