How do you make a guy come more than 3 times in sex and still get him to keep going??

I'd really like to know why they get so exhausted, I could go for hours but they need to take a break.



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  • If you're sincerely interested in knowing why, you should probably spend a little time and do some Internet research. There's specific reasons for that. You sound above normal since some girls your age can't even orgasm once from all what I've read just on here. Yeah, most of us guys need a break because a male orgasm zaps a certain about of energy from our bodies so we need some time to recover and build back up. Some guys can go at it longer than others and probably some guys will tell you they can even keep up with you but I doubt it. lol!. Women are known to be able to go longer, but if you can have orgasm after orgasm and still keep going you're very unusual indeed. Probably no man will be able to satiny you completely.


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  • Get him to workout. You build up that stamina and agility, he'll wanna go longer. Trust me before I started working out I was average. After hitting the gym (and you don't have lift weights and get crazy just build up endurance and stamina) my performance shot through the roof. It also shortens that recovery time in between orgasms.

  • The answer is hormones. Once a guy orgasms his hormones instantly settle down, returning his body to a pre-aroused state and the build-up of these hormones must begin again from scratch.

    How long that build-up takes depends on the guy.

  • Yeah, the endorphin release to a guy is much stronger than to a girl. The relaxation overcomes most of the hornyness. I can usually go 3-4 times, but then ill need some food and energy. lol

  • Truthfully, I didn't read through every single post, sorry. But the answer is simple, guys can have multiple orgasms during sex. It's just more difficult for us to do. Why? I don't know, never looked up the reason. When guys "cum" we release hormones. Hormones = energy. There are other obvious reasons, but they're really not worth mentioning. Feed him lots of Vitamin B12. lol

    BTW don't waste your time with articles like this:


    Pretty much that whole article is riddled with lies, trash and garbage. The first 4 bold "bullets" are a joke. Not to sound sexist, but it reads as if a bitter, heart ached woman wrote it...dribble.

  • Cause guys cannot have multiple orgasms. We have one huge exploding orgasm, then we go limp. Heck I don't know about most guys, but after I cum, my mind goes straight to something totally nonsexual, I lose all desire. I start thinking of homework, or sports, or sleep.

    Sure I can go for a long time, like I can **** all night, but once I cum, it will be at least 30 min till it is able to get hard again.

    • Ouch dude... 30 minutes? lol. I'm like done for 5-10 minutes and then back up again

  • its just about sensitivity, one guy may not like to be touched at all after they go, but another may like to go again right after they go, I dk what your man is like, but yeah, its all about sensitivity

  • someone needs to find how to make you cum. once you REALLY cum, and then he keeps you there cumming multiples, you will understand the exhaustion and truly know what it is like to be spent. I want 7 times in a 18 hour period, but that was with three different girls and a few years ago, my balls ached for a few days. three is not that bad.

  • do you parent's know you dress like a slut and post picture on he internet too? j/w cause what you post on the internet stays on the internet.

    16 is bit young to be acting this way.

    • My parents died when I was three, so no they don't know. thanks anyway.

  • you may just not be...having orgasms

  • A guy can go for hours, but really the only way is by slowing down and keeping from coming.

    I can only speak for myself but I think I have pretty normal physiology--but after I come a couple of times, I'm done for awhile.

    You are very young, so I'm guessing your partners are young, too. It takes a bit of practice for a guy to slow down and make sex last.

    So, just be patient, it will get better.

  • Guys are all flexxed during sex.

  • heh most of us guys get exhausted due to the fact that we gather up a lot of semen and then release it in bursts. However there are guys who like myself have learned to continue going on for hours before coming. I have actually timed it and from what I can do I can go 3 hours 21 minutes and 7 seconds before ejaculation. I can't say what other guys have trained to but I do know it is hard work.

    If you want to train him how to last longer I can give you more detailed instructions on how to do so... If you wish to know you can email me at

  • It's biology. Men almost always can only go once, but women can keep doing it, the reason for this is probably evolutionary. The more a woman can have sex, the more likely it is she'll get pregnant and increase the species.

    • That was a dumb answer.. Sure if a women can have a ton of sex she can increase the species but if guys can only go once then what's the point in being able to have a ton of sex???

    • Bhall20, if the girl gets around, then she will get preggers from one of those guys sooner or later, even if they all are only one shot wonders.

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  • I actually have a question... How do I make my guy cum more at a time?