How do you make a guy come more than 3 times in sex and still get him to keep going??

I'd really like to know why they get so exhausted, I could go for hours but they need to take a break.



Most Helpful Guy

  • If you're sincerely interested in knowing why, you should probably spend a little time and do some Internet research. There's specific reasons for that. You sound above normal since some girls your age can't even orgasm once from all what I've read just on here. Yeah, most of us guys need a break because a male orgasm zaps a certain about of energy from our bodies so we need some time to recover and build back up. Some guys can go at it longer than others and probably some guys will tell you they can even keep up with you but I doubt it. lol!. Women are known to be able to go longer, but if you can have orgasm after orgasm and still keep going you're very unusual indeed. Probably no man will be able to satiny you completely.