What's sexier: making love on the carpet in front of a fireplace or on the hood of a car in the rain?

What’s sexier: making love on the carpet in front of a fireplace or on the hood of a car in the rain?hahaha FOR FUN! ; )

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Thank you gag ; )

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  • I love the rain! Nothing else needs to be said. =D

    • Thanks for the rose. =)

    • hahaha Nice! : )

What Guys Said 6

  • I like it in school. The afraid of being discovered makes the sex fun

    • Agreed

  • sex on the hood of a burning car

    • hahaha! : )

  • The hood isn't comfortable and the rain doesn't help either. Shower sex is much better since you can control if you are warm though water dulls the sensation down there for her. The carpet in front of the fireplace just reminds me of rug burns. I'd go for in the woods, first warm day in spring, off the trail. Most bugs are still dormant so it is great. Or on a balcony during a warm rain with a bedsheet toga over us. On a flat apartment rooftop around a holiday with fireworks going off overhead.

    • Very Nice! : )

  • The rain is good, but the hood of a car isn't something that would appeal to me.On the other hand, on the carpet in front of the fire is a classic. Now, had it been in a field on the grass under a spring rain, that would have been the best (IMO).

    • : )

  • Trying to think what sex in the rain would be like... what if it's windy, you'd get flu surely?!?!

    • Random comment: I still LOVE your lips better than anyones ;)

    • haha! OK! : P

    • In Englad you get rain with sun, hail with sun, hail and wind, rain and snow... anything goes hereI'm the more knowledgeful proffesor :)

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  • Hood of a car, surely not, it isn`t comfortable. I must smile by carpet. There is an old song of the rockgroup Steppenwolf "magic carpet ride." And yeah the carpet is a good place.

    • hahaha! : )

    • Here the link link

    • Great Song! : )

What Girls Said 10

  • Ohhh, in front of the fireplace for sure. It is my favorite.The heat of the fire on my naked body makes me so horny. I look forward to cool weather each year because I know there is going to be a lot of sex by the fire. Both solo and with my partner.

  • Sexier? on the roof in the rain..=random, unexpected horniness which will be remembered and fantasized about later...Romantic? on the carpet in front of the fireplace.=romantic, in the moment, and a love making session :D

    • :D

    • Nicccccceeeeee! : )

  • Car in the rain...I love the rain and I have a bit of a car fetish. So it's perfect for me!

    • Cool beans!

  • Carpet would be sexier but neither scenario appeals to me that much.

  • such a difficult choice.. its different kinds of sexiness.

    • hahaha! : ) Yay

    • i'd have to say out in the rain. only downside.. id get a cold. :D but it doesn't matter!

    • can you pick one pleassseeeeeeee! Pretty Please! : )

  • On the carpet in front of a fireplace

  • The hood of a car in the rain? That sounds horrible, you'll slide right off :p

    • if the guy is a weakling...

  • thats a difficult choice...i don't want to be cold and soggy tho so I chose A

  • the car.

  • When I think carpet I think rug burn, when I think the hood of a car I think of a fine for indecent exposure.

    • bark.

    • Meeeeow :)

    • That's a myth, like men being smart.

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