How do you remove ur pubic hair especially near the vagina? Girls only.

it hurts so bad around the vagina also when I use the cream hair removal it darkens the area and leaves very short hair which bothers me.ANY IDEAS HELP?

thanks everyone for ur answers. so after using the razor it won't hurt my boyfriend during sex cause its not that smooth or ll it be smooth? thanks again everyone


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  • I think you will find that the most of us either wax or shave it. I have heard of some creams made that are suppose to be for that area, but don't know of anyone who has used um.

    I've personally waxed and shaved and my preference is shaving. It's cheaper, with a little maintenance will stay baby ass smooth. With waxing it hurts and you can't redo it until the hairs are long enough for the wax to pick them up which gives you some itchy uncomfortable times down their between waxes.

    I will use those newer men's razors, women's shaving cream and go to work. I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who likes to do it and that makes is very easy to get a good clean smooth job done. Usually gets you a something extra when the job is done! LOL. I then afterwards will run the razor over the shaved area every time I am showering. Takes about 30 seconds and this keeps any stubble from starting. I use a good cream on the area after each shower or shave and this keeps the ingrown hairs, red bumps etc away.

    I do keep a very good crop of hair nicely trimmed on my pubic area. I keep the lips and area around them cleanly shaved and the area directly around the clit, but everything else is trimmed. I use a Braun groomer electric razor on that to keep it between 3/4 and 1" long. Keeps me looking like a woman, yet my guy has a nice clean shaved area for playtime. Best of both worlds.

    Good Luck

    • I hear lubriderm cream works great.

    • Yes it does, which means you pay attention. And just why have you blocked me buddy? I tried answering one of your comments the other day and I am blocked from you! Let me know

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  • If you do it right your p**** will be smooth like a baby's booty... The only thing is that you have to shave weekly at the very least, so that the hair stubble doesn't come back, or as needed depending on how fast your pubic hair grows. As soon as you feel it getting rough, shave yourself, and for more fun and pleasure for the two of you, get your boyfriend involved in the process... Make it a fun activity for the two of you... he can help shave your p**** and you won't need the mirror and it can be a very sexually stimulating experience... I know that I've alsways loved baing involved in shaving my ladies pussies and always always we had good sex after that... Let you imagination take over and have lots of fun...

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    • Ignore leila390. She is obviously a big bunch of no fun. Shaving together is a lot of fun. It is not as quick and not always a perfect job but still loads of fun.

  • Use a mirror and rasor and women's shaving cream... I don't think those creams were made for the pubic area, especially around your vagina... Terribly sensitive area, and those creams are extremely harsh, so I don't think you should be using them around your vagina...


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  • A man's razor. Sit on the side of your tub, pull out your lips, lather and shave carefully (I've nicked myself a couple of times and it hurt a bit). Take your time because it's really worth it afterwards. Personally I like to keep myself hairless. But yes, creams never worked for me.

  • If you can afford it (or your boyfriend can and is willing) I really think getting professionally waxed is the way to go. It hurts a bit the first time, but it gets easier and easier and I don't have the problems I used to with shaving.

  • use a razor- a mans razor because that's a closer shave.

    and keep it steady. you won't hurt anything as long as you are gentle.

  • I have always just used a razor. I've personally never waxed or used depilatory creams. I do it at least every other day. I have just become good and efficient doing it because of practice.

    **If shaving for the first time, clip or trim your "bush" first with scissors or electric clippers and get it down as close and as completely as you can**

    1) Thoroughly wash, clean and rinse the entire area that you want to shave with warm or hot water FIRST. This removes dead skin and dirt which is the number one cause of irritation. If you have the time and desire, the best way is after a good hot bath. Water gets into your hair and softens it. Softer wet hair is much easier to cut and shave.

    2) Use a moisturizing shaving gel or cream and thoroughly apply it to the area first. If you do use soap instead, do NOT use an antibacterial soap or harsh soap because these will dry and irritate your freshly shaved skin and hair pores. A good soap is the famous "Dove" soap. Reapply the shaving gel/cream/soap as needed throughout the shave if needed.

    3) Use a clean and relatively new razor. Never a dull or old one. Use short, light to medium strokes in the direction of the hair. Never against the grain. Pull the areas of skin around where you are shaving tight and smooth so that you minimize cuts and also have better contact for a more even shave. Thoroughly rinse and clean the razor every 3-5 strokes.

    4) After repeating the first steps until you are done, you want to gently wash the area again to remove any hair debris and shaving gel/cream in warm water. This will also help rehydrate your skin. Pat dry with a clean towel. Avoid roughly rubbing yourself dry.

    5) Lastly, use a good, gentle and natural moisturizing lotion on the whole area. If you are extremely nature conscious then, believe it or not, good olive oil is great for your skin and for freshly shaved areas (it has healthy fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants). Real aloe vera is also amazing for this but avoid big expensive bottles of chemicals that have aloe added. Try to find actual aloe vera. You only need a little bit when using olive oil, aloe or other natural substances on your skin.

    Sorry I don't have any tips or advice about waxing or creams. I just don't have any personal experience with those.

  • i normally just shave... but with a good razor! not a cheap one...

    and if razor burn is your problem try right after you get out of the shower applying deodorant or monistat powder "soothing care"

    it works trust me :D

    • Deodorant really works?

      Do you just put it on down there like you would put it on your underarms?

    • Hey sorry its been a while... and yes! it works just put it on...

  • waxxxxxxxxx

  • I use a Mach 3 myself. Keep the blade fresh, and use unscented, sensitive shave cream. I do have to shave every two days to keep the stubble away. Regular shaving and fresh blades also reduce the common shave bumps.

  • use a razor, because those creams arent meant for your vaginal area... so yeahh use like men razor, it gives a closer shave :)

    hope this helps !

  • It isn't that hard to shave your vagina properly, you have to take your time and make sure to get everywhere and go over the same spots at least twice to make sure it's a 100% clean shave. It won't hurt as long as you keep the stubble away, because once the stubble comes back its rough on skin.