How do you remove ur pubic hair especially near the vagina? Girls only.

it hurts so bad around the vagina also when I use the cream hair removal it darkens the area and leaves very short hair which bothers me.ANY IDEAS HELP?

thanks everyone for ur answers. so after using the razor it won't hurt my boyfriend during sex cause its not that smooth or ll it be smooth? thanks again everyone


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  • I think you will find that the most of us either wax or shave it. I have heard of some creams made that are suppose to be for that area, but don't know of anyone who has used um.

    I've personally waxed and shaved and my preference is shaving. It's cheaper, with a little maintenance will stay baby ass smooth. With waxing it hurts and you can't redo it until the hairs are long enough for the wax to pick them up which gives you some itchy uncomfortable times down their between waxes.

    I will use those newer men's razors, women's shaving cream and go to work. I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend who likes to do it and that makes is very easy to get a good clean smooth job done. Usually gets you a something extra when the job is done! LOL. I then afterwards will run the razor over the shaved area every time I am showering. Takes about 30 seconds and this keeps any stubble from starting. I use a good cream on the area after each shower or shave and this keeps the ingrown hairs, red bumps etc away.

    I do keep a very good crop of hair nicely trimmed on my pubic area. I keep the lips and area around them cleanly shaved and the area directly around the clit, but everything else is trimmed. I use a Braun groomer electric razor on that to keep it between 3/4 and 1" long. Keeps me looking like a woman, yet my guy has a nice clean shaved area for playtime. Best of both worlds.

    Good Luck

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      I hear lubriderm cream works great.

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      Yes it does, which means you pay attention. And just why have you blocked me buddy? I tried answering one of your comments the other day and I am blocked from you! Let me know

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