Do Guys Like the Curve of a Woman's Waist?

We were learning salsa in class and the guy is supposed to keep his hand on the girl's shoulder blade during the basic step. But we'd do a different step and come back to the basic, my partner's hand would always come to my waist (I know it's probably just more natural to put it there) but it made me wonder if guys ever think about touching a woman's waist, if they like it, or if it ranks up there with like boobs, legs, or ass?


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  • It is a sexy part of a woman's body. And it is some way between being overtly sexual, and being completely platonic. So for a guy who's not dating the girl, holding her waist is a new level of intimacy.


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  • It's just more natural and comfortable to put yor hand there.

  • Waist is how you normally would hold a girl while dancing. If your grabbing ass and t*ts its a dirty sluty dance and not classy.

    • I didn't include boobs and ass for touching. I meant in terms of the waist attractive?

  • That curve is designed to be a perfect sensual hand rest

    • Good point. But is it something that guys find attractive in itself?

    • I do. That's why I like dancing. It is a good place to lead the girl as you move, and they call it a love handle for a good reason.

    • Lovely use of words :)

  • great place to run your hand along without having to seem sexual

    love the curve of a woman's waist

  • Of course, it's extremely sexy.

  • yes, holding a small waist makes us feel like we are in control. I think someone did a study and found 0.7 to be the perfect hip to waist ratio based on beauty pageant winners and models.

  • yeah waist is good...for me,better than boobs or ass...pretty tough to beat those luscious thighs tho...(:

  • I'd be pretty pumped about touching a waist. Man I'm so lame and desperate.

    • lol idt that's lame. It was kind of hot...but that might of just been because it was the guy I'm into :)

    • haha Nice.

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  • I think there is something about a waist that can be sexy because on a typical universally attractive curvy type of frame, the waist is the smallest part of her frame, the larger hips and breasts emphasize the waist and it creates a sexy silhouette and shows off all her curves. Women with a certain waist to hip ratio are considered attractive, meaning a certain difference between your waist and your hips, that your waist is significantly smaller than the hips.