Do women like lap dances from guys or would they prefer a girl to go give them a lap dance?

I love lap dances especially during foreplay but I wanna know do women like lap dances from men. I mean from a guy you find attractive, sexy and that can dance or would you prefer a lap dance from a woman, if at all?


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  • Why not? I've always wanted my own personal male stripper.


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  • I would feel silly with ether giving or recievibg. they alwas look extremely awkward. I'm not up to it;)

  • I wouldn't particularly want a lap dance from a guy... but I wouldn't want one from a girl either. I just don't think a lap dance would do a whole lot for me.

  • A guy giving me a lap dance? no.. just NO.. its gay

    • so you wouldn't get one from a male exotic dancer?

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    • That definitly always works, so what do women want for foreplay? I'm trying to find something new to do?

    • hmm well how about tie her arms to the bed, and just kiss & touch her everywhere. I know I would like that:p

  • i wouldn't want a man to do that or even a woman even though I'm a lesbian... just a waste of time

  • i've only ever gotten a lapdance from a woman, but I sure did enjoy it

    a guy one would be fun too

  • no lol. don't give me a lap dance

    • you mean to tell me that a man you found extremely attractive and sexy couldn't give you a lap dance?

  • why would a straight woman prefer a lap dance from another woman? I prefer one from a hot guy that I like any day!


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  • i love giving lap dances.. but there is a time and place.. and it is rare. it helps if I have my buddies around to air.. yea and I wonder why some people assume I'm gay :(

  • I would never do it. When a guy gives lapdances it looks weird, not sexy

  • Just telling you, I don't think any girl would want that. Lap dances were made for girls. I don't know if there is an equivalent for men though. though truthfully, a lap dance from a girl would be awkward to me.

    • well you gotta get one from the right girl, trust me, if she's sexy it want be awkward!