About swallowing sperm

Guys: Do you hate it if a girl spits your sperm out after oral?

Girls: How does the sperm taste like and feel like in mouth? Is it different than our juices?


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  • I think as long as you are enjoying giving head the guy is going to like it whether he finishes in your mouth or not. If you have never tasted it and want to the next time you have sex and he blows get some on your hand and put it in your mouth so at least the taste is something you are acquainted with. The sensation of having a guy discharge in your mouth however is not something you can prepare yourself for completely. I would advise you to be in a position where you can control the depth of thrust if your doing it for the first time. You are a better judge of your own gag reflex then the guy is.

    • Thanks for a good answer! It really was helpful! :)

    • Thank you for the complement, and thanks for best answer vote. I do hope my advice does help :)

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  • Yes. Absolutely. But it's up to her. I wouldn't pressure her to do it if she loathed it.

  • I definitely do not want any girl kind enough to blow me to start swallowing things that don't taste good. Just spit that crap out, if there's any question at all.

  • f*** what the guy

    thinks. if you dont

    wanna swallow

    it don't do it. its

    not meant to be

    swallowed. its meant

    to make kids

    • But well, I have never tasted it. So I don't know how to behave at the first time. It woul be quite bad if I try to swallow it and I puke, lol. 'cos I can get the vomiting reflex quite easy, mostly because smells and tastes.

    • Well if that's the cause then you will likely puke. cause the taste does take getting used to. but then again, if he's a healthy eater, it's a lot better. I personally think a guy cumming in my mouth is a real turn on. I actually want to ask my new boyfriend to finish in my mouth... but I'm feeling a little shy :P.

  • nope we don't hate it at all...we don't mind and its a bonus if we come in ur mouth as then we don't have to stop what we are doing and its all nice and warm and wet...just like somewhere else...but if you don't like to or want to...its no big deal at all...get him to come in ur hand and then taste it from there and see if you like it...hope you have fun trying it out and maybe you might like it..some girls do...and some don't,

  • we don't care if you spit or swallow, just let us finish in your mouth! (although it is really hot when a girl swallows)

    • Why is it hot when a girl swallows. I don't understand :/

    • Its just ...naughty, we love it, ......its a rarity and goes along the lines of a lady in the street/freak in the bed thing

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  • Most guys will enjoy the bj, no matter what you do with the swimmers. It's just an extra bonus if you swallow. As for the taste and such, well, every guy tastes different. It can be bitter, salty, sweet, or have no taste. And it's usually quite thick, with a weird consistency that is hard to describe. I'm not a fan, that's for sure. I make sure to not get any on my tongue if he comes in my mouth.

  • Okay it really was NOT a nice taste. I've swallowed from the start. And I felt so disgusted, not REALLY sick, but the feeling of sick cos of the taste. But it really does get better. You get accustomed to it, and my ex's taste changed.

    But I was so determined to be excellent at what I do, that I just got used to it! and now I don't mind going down. I actually love it, cos I can see his pleasure!

  • It's a little salty and not the most appetizing thing, so it's fine for you to to not swallow. I usually tell him in advance that I won't, but once you're in the moment it's not a big deal to take it in your mouth. I usually end up swallowing it, and you cannot believe how hot guys find that to be, especially if it's unexpected. I remember this one guy had the biggest grin on his face, and another told me it was so hot he couldn't believe it. Give it a try, they're a huge fan of it. letting them know that it grosses you out can ruin the mood.

    • Actually ! If the guy eats pineapples a day before it alters the sperm taste : My ex 's sperm tasted gross; my friend sperm is soooo good ,yes he eats pineapples :-)

  • I think it tastes nasty like I almost threw up nasty

  • ummm ima girl and sperm feels slimyy/ gooey and a little saltyish it tastes like w/e but yeahh I hear guys like it being swallowed than spit out

    • I didn't get you, it tastes like what? w/e? I donno all the slang words. 'cos I think all girls don't like sperm in their mouth, so is it because of the taste or the fabric?

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    • Hahah lol thnnx =]] but common its common sense if you wash it it won't tast bad hahaha =D

    • Exactly you guys! its all about taking care of yourselves, like my boyfriend told me when it was his 1st time ever giving head in his life (I was the 1st lucky girl) he said he always thought that girls down there* might smell bad, but when he tried giving me head, he ended up liking it because I always wahs myself and he said the same that he was proved wrong as its on US to wash ourselves.

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