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Girls have you ever gone pantyless in public?

Girls have you ever gone pantieless in public. what were you wearing, why did you, what did it feel like?

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  • Is it just me or does this sound like something a guy on here would ask?

  • i go pantiless all the time. And girls that do it are so sexy :) unless you are like snooki then its kinda trashy.

    • Let's be honest. Snooki isn't trashy because she goes commando, Snooki is trashy because she's Snooki.

  • Do you go this way? My wife loves going pantieless and it is pretty much the norm for her.

  • nothing wrong with that, I wear bike shorts or low rise jeans with nothing else, my girlfriend wears streach jeans or fleece leggins with out panties or a thong , it makes for a nice smooth look and it is comfortable

  • I don't think many girls do. Wouldn't that mean their natural lubricants would put stains on the inside of their pants or even worse maybe soak through their pants if they got turned on for some reason? I think most girls want to avoid that.

    • I think it is a bit more common than you think. Certainly not most girls, but some girls like it from a comfort point of view, and some as a secret turn-on, and some to turn on their boyfriends. Girls don't do it if their period is due, and probably have a pair of knickers in their bag just in case they need them. Also commando in some tight fitting clothing can be very uncomfortable where the seams chafe.

  • As a guy offering an opinion, I think it is a bad idea if you are heavy or sitting. If you are physically fit and active enough to stay dry, that's fine. The unexpected flash from tennis shorts or a skirt is a hoot.

  • I am a guy and I know this question is really for girls but I wear underwear and one day I realized I didn't have any clean underwear so I had to go without and it felt uncomfortable while wearing jeans. But I bet if a girl were to go pantyless wearing those leggings/black skin tight bottoms it would feel uncomfortable since they feel soft.

What Girls Said 9

  • I rarely wear underwear. maybe 1 day out of the week I will. Doesn't matter waht I'm wearing. But No one else knows so what's the big deal?

  • GOING COMMANDO! skirts, shorts, dresses. use your imagination(;

  • all the time

  • Yeah all the time. leggings, dresses, skirts. I love it. it's less restricting if you don't. and it can be fun ;)

    • mmm yeah fun and very hot lookin good too

  • I can't imagine how self-concious I will be if I ever go out without my panties on...

  • doing it now :)

  • Yes, many times. Anything really, skirts, shorts, leggings, usually not pants. It's comfy and makes you feel a bit naughty! :)

  • If you're not shy, it's comfy as hell.

    • My wife loves the comfy feeling of going commando. I could count the panties she owns on one hand. Talk about not being shy she gets a kick out of just giving guys a quick glimpse and having them wonder if they actually saw what they think they saw.

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