Is being a 20 year old virgin a turn off?

i've never been in a serious relationship and I have never had sex (I don't want to lose it to someone I don't really care about)

a lot of times if I'm hooking up with a guy, I feel like I should tell them I'm a virgin...its just kinda awkward. I just don't want them to think its heading for sex when its not.

i also feel like the only normal virgin in my age group...and I don't think any of my friends are.

its kinda intimidating at this point, because all of the guys I am involved with are in their 20's with a lot more sexual experience than I have.

i know the right guy will not care about that, but as a would you feel about hooking up with a virgin? (knowing it won't lead to sex unless it turned into a serious relationship)

also how should I go about telling someone? if I'm hooking up with someone and I can tell they want to take it farther and I say no...should I be like, "no...and uh I'm a virgin" or should I just say no and not explain that I'm a virgin.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's a turnoff to guys who are just looking for sex. But if it's a good guy who cares about you, then no it's not a turnoff.

    But if you're starting to date a guy, just have fun and get to know the guy. If he tries to push things into the sexual realm, just tell him that you're not looking for that, that you're waiting. If he is ok with it and stays with you then great, if not, then he's just looking for sex, and you don't need him anyway.