Why do women rub there clits when their boyfriends are having sex with them?

when your man is inside your vagina having sex, and you reach down and start rubbing your clit, why do you do that, is it because he isn't doing a good enough job on his own, or what?

I'm not hurt, or my confidence shaken because a women wants to rub her clit while having sex, I never even said that, I'm just curious as to why, I thought that's what gag was about, asking question you don't know the answers too.
every women I've been with has orgasimed without rubbing her clit, but when I watch p*rn the girls rub there clits, that's why I was wondering


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  • It doesn't mean he's not doing a good jobm

    The main reasons girls do it are:

    1. It feels good and can make sex even more pleasurable.

    2. A lot of women cannot orgasm from penetration alone---they need clitoral stimulation to get there.

    3. Some guys find it a turn on when their girl rubs her clitoris during sex.

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      There are some guys who think, "am I not good enoough? And they are injured in their self.confidence. If I would be a woman I would ask such a guy: "do you get an orgasm, if I rub your scrotum for example?