Why do women rub there clits when their boyfriends are having sex with them?

when your man is inside your vagina having sex, and you reach down and start rubbing your clit, why do you do that, is it because he isn't doing a good enough job on his own, or what?

I'm not hurt, or my confidence shaken because a women wants to rub her clit while having sex, I never even said that, I'm just curious as to why, I thought that's what gag was about, asking question you don't know the answers too.
every women I've been with has orgasimed without rubbing her clit, but when I watch p*rn the girls rub there clits, that's why I was wondering

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  • It doesn't mean he's not doing a good jobmThe main reasons girls do it are:1. It feels good and can make sex even more pleasurable.2. A lot of women cannot orgasm from penetration alone---they need clitoral stimulation to get there.3. Some guys find it a turn on when their girl rubs her clitoris during sex.

    • There are some guys who think, "am I not good enoough? And they are injured in their self.confidence. If I would be a woman I would ask such a guy: "do you get an orgasm, if I rub your scrotum for example?

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  • hey it's kinda weird your asking this at your age but whatever man. I rub my clit so I can climax when I want to. I can come with penetration alone but it takes concentration and lining up our bodies so he stimulates both my clit and vaginal opening so he can feel my twitches inside if I'm about to come while he's inside of me. It's not personal dude. BTW your a little rude to people who question your knowledge because guys your age usually don't have to ask on here. Be careful how you reply peole get there account closed for being abusive. Looks like you haven't been on the site long to know others users do not have to agree with you or give you the answers you want, they answer how they want to. Your question could have been more specific on the actual problem you have. Hope that helps

    • my question wasn't why women rub their clits, that is obvious, I figured the people answering would know that, the question, was do they rub it if there man can't bring them to orgasim without the aid of rubbing their clit, in other words, is it a technique used when a man isn't satisfying her, or is it something she does to amplify the pleasure he is giving her, so many people started making fun of me about this question, when they didn't take the time to understand it. you're cool, though.

  • Most women can't orgasm from penetration alone. Most need additional clitoral stimulation to get there, no matter how good penetration feels. Don't take it so personally, rub it for her yourself if you feel like all her pleasure should come from what YOU are doing. Or get over it and let her do her thing to help her get off, she knows her body best and what works for it.

  • it's hard to come from just penetration

  • i've never been able to reach an O from just penetration on its own. so I know that if I rub my clit while I'm having sex with a guy, then I'm more likely to come. wouldn't you rather she reach her O somehow rather than not at all?if you're so offended, you could take it upon yourself to rub her clit yourself while you're having sex, so you can credit yourself fully with her orgasm

  • I agree all the way with what selfishstars has just said.

  • Clitoral stimulation is sometimes needed for women to reach an orgasm...

  • how old are you really? yes we rub our clits as an insult to you.

    • 2 or 3 fingers wow, really a good size.

    • wow your 30 and your asking this? I thought you must have been under 18 asking a question like this

    • at 30 I reckon you can answer it for yourself but if you're really really that slow then here goes: I rub my twat when having sex because it increases pleasure for both of us. while playing I "spasm" involuntarily inside, he feels this +so gets in deeper w/his cock, at some point our pelvises lock & if I keep rubbing/fingering myself I'll explode a couple of O's + that in turn makes him come, it's intense when we come together. After he shoots inside me I'll play again w/2-3 fingers + come again

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  • About 30% of women can get an orgasm by vaginal sex, all the others - the majority - don`t reach it. So is one of 3 ways necessary:- women rub their clit , while they get fvcked- they get stimulated to an orgasm before in comes to an intercourse- the clit.stimulation can happen after fvcking

  • Men want to "polish" their glanses and a part of the shaft. And women too, that`s the whole "joke" by this case. Is it really so difficult to understand fore some men? Indeed, it seems to be so.

  • Further enjoyment, common sense?

  • The women rub their clits, because they test how tight and firm are their fingers, what else. LOL

    • lol OK, I think it may be lost in translation. Now I understand your joke ;0)

    • Some users hadn`t understand my irony, so they downvoted me. It would be easy to support the necessarity of the clit.stimulation, but I found it a little bit clumsy only to say,"it`s necessary often. So I used a detour, in the hope enough people understand, that the clitoral stimulation is really important for women. I overrated probably the abilities of some users, thought all understand my irony, what else. It seems to be strange for some too, yeah, yeah -direct, direct ...please.

    • this makes no sense

  • They do it because it feels good, and they can.I really don't understand this sort of question which presumes the girl is doing something nice because the guy is somehow failing. What sort of self-hating immature git comes up with this type of question?

    • Some guys are desperately insecure when it comes to the female orgasm.

    • well put, best answer. I never understood the insecurity some men have when it comes to giving orgasms/pleasure - surely that's each persons' own responsibility. I don't feel bad if my guy masturbates with or without me, it's natural. also the female genitalia is not such an enigma anymore that we cannot be seen to enjoy it for ourselves ;O)

  • Clitoral orgasm is a lot easier for a girl to achieve than a vaginal orgasm is. Its not that their man is terrible or anything (although its probably the case sometimes but few ) Plus have you ever compared masturbating v.s receiving a handjob You know your body so it takes you like no time. But when someone else is doing it, it takes a while longer