Girls, do you like getting f***ed hard, or gently?


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  • Well, it depends on what kind of mood I'm in..if I'm in a love-y mood then I like the guy to go slow so I can feel really close to him as he moves in and out of me gently. but if I'm in a f***ing mood, then f***ing me hard is best (obvi, lol). usually it's a mix of both.. start out going slow and then speed up your thrusting and f*** me hard :o)


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  • hard, deep and fast. It's better that way.

  • well id have to say hard defo, rough, horny sex sounds good

  • Rough.

  • Wow, one of my favorite songs while in college. lol. I used to play it loudly for all the dorm people to hear.

    Oh, and to answer the question, it depends... but both in one night is great!

    • Lol, did anybody drop by and offer to f*** you gently?

  • hahahaha

    uhmms it depends on the girl actually, everyones different :) if its the girls first time then of corse gently then after a few pounds, f*** harder and harder if that's what she wants !



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    • Ohh lol I don't know I was just asking.. and its actually cool being 21 you can purchase alcohol lol

      actually I don't know how it works in canada or w/e you

      growing old shouldnt scare u. lol you still have a long way to go... lol

      wow this turned from rough sex to growing old.... LMFAOOOO =D ahHAhahha

    • ... lol well you can have rough sex as you grow old?? Might have to take it a little easier as time goes on though haha. I am just afraid one day I will just wake up and wonder where my life has gone...

      In canada we can buy alcohol at 19... it's a much better system lol.. I can't even imagine not being allowed to drink...

      I am drinking tequila and watchin hockey right now :)

  • gently than hard than play with it after give it a few kisses when your done lol

  • it varies for every girl

  • it depends on the mood am in for me lol but there all good and that's a funny song

  • hard

  • sometimes I want it hard sometimes I want it gently, most of the time I like it hard but actaully girls can get tierd after awhile 2, so its good to let us catch our breaths lol


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  • First gently, then hard.

  • do it like a jackrabbit.