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Girls, would you give your boyfriend a rusty trombone?

It's a fantasy of mine

if you don't know what it is link

do a googlr images search if you're still not sure

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What Girls Said 8

  • If it involves poop, no. I don't have the heart to do a google search so I'm going to assume that it has something to do with your penis and feces.

    • not feces just licking that area

  • not me...if he really wants that he can find a different girl

  • hellll no.

  • it's not something I really want to do

  • Not me. Sorry! Some girls may be fine with it though.

  • Men are so foul.

    • no need to be mean, people like what they like

  • I'm okay with the opposite.. a bj and use my hands down there.. but not that way

What Guys Said 4

  • couldn't just use this link?


    a definition is good enough.

  • If not, then how about a "tarnished tuba", a "stinky Sousaphone" or a "nasty noseflute"?

    • Crusty cornet? Phunky phyfe? Bobo oboe? Castinettes with raisinets? The brown baritone saxophone?

    • Barnacle encrusted banjo?

      Colonica Harmonica?

  • i think it's gross

  • I am a guy, and that is just disgusting and unsanitary. Sorry dude, very few girls are going to want to do that, if any.

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