Girls, would you go barefoot for your boyfriend if he asked?

Say your boyfriend is a really normal seeming, attractive guy. After you have been together a couple of months, he reveals that it really turns him on to see you barefoot as much as possible, especially if it's outside. To what extent would you go to please him? like would you go out with him without shoes on?

I definitely have been enjoying being with him and want to accept his quirks and do what turns him on, just not sure how far is ok to take it. I'm also wondering if other people have had good or bad experiences with anything like this.

To clarify, he definitely doesn't want me to wear ANY shoes, flip flops won't do. I am wondering what situations would be OK and/or less weird to do this out of the house + how far I should take it and how often.


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  • OMG...just go barefoot! I am a guy and I wife does it for fact she thinks she looks hot...the "against the law" crap is exactily that. There is NO LAW or HEALTH REGULATION against going barefoot ANYWHERE. Individual store or mall owners can have there own rules, but I promise, there is NO LAW against going into stores barefoot. I think m wife looks SO HOT in her barefeet...dirty soles and all...mmmmmmm...aparently she so other men as she says that she gets positive comments ALL the time from men...sometimes form other women. I've had women tell me, "mmmm, wish I was have sexy feet." Every now and then some idiot will make a stupid comment like, "where's your shoes?" My wife smartly responds, "obviously not on my feet!" Aren't they hot?" That ususally shuts them up. Women in their barefeet look wonderfully slutty!...A real turn on for men. Anyway...EVERYONE should go barefoot and stop being all uptight and stuffy! Yea for barefeet!


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  • flip flops

    • I'd say barefoot at the park and any other place with nice open space because walking on pavement barefoot can hurt.

  • Im a guy
    And i can tell u that he REALLY loves to see u in your barefeet. Its just Soo hot to se a girl barefoot.
    Its ok to go barefoot in the park, beach, even in the streets. I think u should ask him to do it with u!

  • Going bare foot in the house is fine. We never wear shoes or socks in the house. But my OH insists we wear slippers. Maybe you should test his reaction by wearing slippers. If he gets uptight then ask why. Be forthright and ask him if he has a foot fetish.

  • Just please him, as much as it is comfortable to you. There's nothing wrong with that if you don't walk in dirty places, but just natural ones or some clean concrete sidewalk.

    I like to ask my girlfriend to wear nylons with open toe shoes, just love that. I like the see the other guys checking her stocking feet, see if she's shy or self conscious about that.

  • sounds like he's got that foot fetish!


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  • How could you possibly go everywhere without shoe's or flip flops on. Most stores, and most certainly any place with food is not going to let you in.

    At home in the yard, in the park or on a beach would be fine with me

    • I don't think he wants me to go everywhere without shoes, but I get the impression that he'd like it if I went TO the park/beach without them, as opposed to just taking them off there.

    • Even that could be a bit rough on the feet!

  • that's hot, you should wear thongs on your feet to be sexy lol.

    no seriously though, what if you did? can he taking playful teasing or would that hurt his feelings?

    • No, I like him and I definitely don't want to make fun of him for something that is intimate + important to him in regards to his sexuality. I'm not sure if you mean thongs like the sandals, but I think the turn-on for him is that I specifically not have any shoes on at all.

    • Yeah I know bare feet. and I know it's important to you, I was just wondering if he can handle being picked on (flirty teasing).

      like my bf, if I wear to wear thongs (actual thongs) on my feet and then say "oh I'm just kidding baby" and then make it up to him... but I don't know how you would make your feet "sexier"

      maybe you could ask him if he wants to massage you feet or suck on your toes or something, but I'm not sure... just a thought, sorry I couldn't really help :-/

  • I think that's a little strange. I think you should just go barefoot when it's necessary... and then it can be a treat for him instead... I guess...

  • Going barefoot for my boyfriend would not be a problem for me. I love going barefoot!

    The reason we became an item was his curiosity about why I go barefoot so much. When we began dating I went barefoot on our dates without bringing sandals with me & it was easy to see that he was very interested. Then as things got more serious he started going barefoot with me.

    He recently proposed to me & I said yes. We're planning a wedding for June of 2016, & I am definitely going to be a barefoot bride!

  • Well that does seem a bit odd but I mean if he likes it and it doesn't bother you go for it. I my self wouldn't mind too much cause as soon as it is warm outside I don't really wear shoes too much any way. Then again I live on an island so almost nothing is very formal here lol, bare feet is perfectly acceptable if you are outside. Foot fetish thing is kinda sketchy though.