Girls, would you go barefoot for your boyfriend if he asked?

Say your boyfriend is a really normal seeming, attractive guy. After you have been together a couple of months, he reveals that it really turns him on to see you barefoot as much as possible, especially if it's outside. To what extent would you go to please him? like would you go out with him without shoes on?

I definitely have been enjoying being with him and want to accept his quirks and do what turns him on, just not sure how far is ok to take it. I'm also wondering if other people have had good or bad experiences with anything like this.

To clarify, he definitely doesn't want me to wear ANY shoes, flip flops won't do. I am wondering what situations would be OK and/or less weird to do this out of the house + how far I should take it and how often.


Most Helpful Guy

  • OMG...just go barefoot! I am a guy and I wife does it for fact she thinks she looks hot...the "against the law" crap is exactily that. There is NO LAW or HEALTH REGULATION against going barefoot ANYWHERE. Individual store or mall owners can have there own rules, but I promise, there is NO LAW against going into stores barefoot. I think m wife looks SO HOT in her barefeet...dirty soles and all...mmmmmmm...aparently she so other men as she says that she gets positive comments ALL the time from men...sometimes form other women. I've had women tell me, "mmmm, wish I was have sexy feet." Every now and then some idiot will make a stupid comment like, "where's your shoes?" My wife smartly responds, "obviously not on my feet!" Aren't they hot?" That ususally shuts them up. Women in their barefeet look wonderfully slutty!...A real turn on for men. Anyway...EVERYONE should go barefoot and stop being all uptight and stuffy! Yea for barefeet!