Why do women hate mens' penises so much?

This really bothers me... they hate penises (or how they look anyway) and then they lie about it... why is this?

This question was aimed at the girls, actually... >.>
The reason it bothers me is because I could never, EVER have sex with a woman who didn't find me attractive... and so long as she like every other girl thinks a penis is ugly and never meant to be seen, ever, then I am not attractive because I'm male and thus have said unsightly genitalia. It's not fair to either side... and it really hurts knowing that I'm ugly.


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  • I think all genitalia look a little odd, but I don't hate the way they look or anything. It's not unattractive, far from it.

    • Then how is it not unattractive?

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    • Thanks for your help. :) Sorry if I sounded like a d***.

    • No problem, thanks for BA :)

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  • I don't know what kind of girls you know, but I like penises. The only girls I know who hate penises are girls with sexual hangups in general, or lesbians.

  • I don't hate penises. I don't hate how they look. And I'm not lying about it.

  • because guys use them to think with. and they usually end up in their personalities too.

  • I love penises. But I guess you're determined that I'm lying, so why did I even bother answering?

  • I find them sexy...they just aren't exactly pretty...I mean women are generally more beautiful than men but men make me wanna f***.

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  • Many girls really like penises.

  • You're trollin, I'm lol'ing.

  • I feel like people who think all genitals are unattractive have a problem with their sexuality. Not to say that they like either men or women, but that they are embarrassed, confused, or in some other way think negatively about sexuality in general. I happen to think my penis is very attractive and I've known many girls to agree with that, in fact just about everyone who isn't sexually repressed. Likewise I think there are a lot of attractive vaginas out there. That's not to say every penis and every vagina is beautiful, but they certainly aren't all ugly.

  • They hate them because they cannot have one for their own.

  • mine is also bedazzled...

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