Do "fat" women need to have larger vaginas and require larger penises?

Alright today this came up in conversation, and I have never ever thought about it before, but it might be interesting.

I think most women are beautiful regardless of weight (except big mama's house dude maybe).

I am no expert and I certainly do not do surveys of women I have sex with or take measurements lol that would be weird. And I have had sex with "large" women who might be regarded as "fat," although I never saw them as fat.

Anyway. I am not small, about 5 ft 11, penis size average 5 inch girth and 4-5inch long. And women I've been with seem satisfied or at least appeared to enjoy themselves.

So I am wondering, do fat women necesserily have larger vaginal orifices? Compared to "slender" women?

I personally don't think so, since fat is just a layer that covers someone's body, it should not affect their physique structure (no pun intended).

I would appreciate your comments.


  • Yes fat women have larger vaginas
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  • No, fat women do not. Same as slender women
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  • No. The vagina is an internal, muscular passageway. Gaining or losing weight doesn't really have an effect on how big/small it is.

    To speak from my personal experience, I've struggled with my weight and at one point I was over 100 lbs overweight. I lost 110 lbs, which brought me to a healthy weight for my height. My vagina didn't change size when I gained the weight, nor when I lost the weight.

    • This makes sense. Congradulations on losing all that weight, it is not easy but you did it.

    • Thanks. :)

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  • No, lol, you've pretty much got it right. I'm a bigger girl, chubby, though some might say I'm fat, and I've never 'needed' any more than average to feel good, and I've certainly never had any complaints. Someone's weight doesn't affect the size of their orifices, so just like a girl's mouth or a.sshole aren't any bigger just because she's got some weight on her, her vaginal cavity isn't affected either. It varies entirely from girl to girl, thin of bigger or anywhere in between.

  • No. There is no reason why a plumper woman would have a larger (looser) vagina. They could potentially have larger or thicker labia, since those are fat pads and it would make sense for people with more body fat to have more fat there. But the vagina itself is a different matter. Having more fat in hat region might even make it tighter.

  • goodness now it has nothing to do with size

  • LOL!

  • "fat is just a layer that covers someone's body, it should not affect their physique structure"

    Idk, but that ^^ is a good point. It probably doesn't. Well.. you know what, people who are fatter are known to have bigger organs to accommodate their size, so maybe?.. But then that would mean they have a bigger "entry way" because they're fatter, and that doesn't make sense does it?

    Lol, yea I have no clue.

  • I have heard guys ask this before but it seems illogical to me that a larger woman than myself would have a larger orifice. I agree with what you said about it just being a layer of fat and it wouldn't affect something like that.

  • No...just no.

    *shakes my head*


What Guys Said 7

  • Not at all. A normal vagina is very elastic and can stretch enough to hold a baby. No kok is that big! If a woman as strong pelvic floor muscles (they can be exercised like other muscles, and there's no connection to fatness), the vagina can feel tight. If a vagina doesn't accomodate a penis easily, she's either not lubricated enough or has vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vagina, usually considered to have psychological roots). Neither of those things have any connection with fatness or thinness.

  • There is a fat layer that sits outside the vagina. That acts a barrier that prevents all of your penis from getting in. The larger the fat area, the less of your penis that gets in.

    There are sex devices that attempt to simulate this for large men who are with women with smaller vaginas.

    All that being said, the casual dating sites I've visited, more often than not, it's the heavier set women who are wanting/needing the bigger penises. So, the answer to your question is yes.

  • ... lol

    just lol.

  • Lol no it has nothing to do with it

  • no but they have a big pad pf fat on their ass so you need to be longer to penetrate

  • No, but it may look that way because it could be "puffy" in that area.

  • Require eh? I wouldn't say that would effect the size of their vag but like there may be more *ehem* fat in the area which would make for less penetration.