Do "fat" women need to have larger vaginas and require larger penises?

Alright today this came up in conversation, and I have never ever thought about it before, but it might be interesting. I think most women are beautiful regardless of weight (except big mama's house dude maybe). I am no expert and I certainly do not do surveys of women I have sex with or take... Show More

  • Vote A Yes fat women have larger vaginas
  • Vote B No, fat women do not. Same as slender women

Most Helpful Girl

  • No. The vagina is an internal, muscular passageway. Gaining or losing weight doesn't really have an effect on how big/small it is.

    To speak from my personal experience, I've struggled with my weight and at one point I was over 100 lbs overweight. I lost 110 lbs, which brought me to a healthy weight for my height. My vagina didn't change size when I gained the weight, nor when I lost the weight.

    • This makes sense. Congradulations on losing all that weight, it is not easy but you did it.

    • Thanks. :)