I was raped, now my boyfriend won't talk to me.. what do I DO?

I was in shock and didn't confess it was rape until two weeks after it happened, which made things complicated with doctors and stuff and especially my boyfriend because I didn't tell him it was rape.

I know that was stupid, but bear with me this is a hard time and I'm dealing with some tough psychological stuff! (the counselors at the assault clinic said it's normal) I finally told him about a week ago and he said he had to think and would call me...

he still hasn't called me and I know that's a lot to think about, but it's making it hard to deal with the rest of the stuff I have going on. Plus, I always respected him and loved his outlook on life so if I had something going on, I'd always go to him about it...now I don't really have anyone...and a big boyfriend hug would make me feel so much better.

With the rape I felt like I lost my sense of security, some sanity and now I feel like I've lost my best friend. what can I do?

not sure that anyone cares about this...but he FINALLY called and demanded to know the guy's name, age, high school, height, weight, hair color, ethnicity, what kind of car he drives, where he goes to school now, if he played sports in high school etc. I guess he wants to kill the guy or something and is angry that I won't do anything about the situation. He said that he feels like there's nothing he can do...and there was lots of choked up man-silence. so yeah.


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  • If I went through the same thing you did...

    My ex lover would hunt the f***er down and make sure the guy ended up at the bottom of the Pacific or something.

    What's there to "think about"? You were raped. It's not "Oh she willingly did this to me", he needs to grow a pair and take care of his lady.

    And if he can't do that, f*** that guy. He's no friend.

    Tell him plain and simple "I am having a difficult time right now and I need you. I need my best friend, I need to feel secure."

    If he can't do that, he's not worth anything.

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      Strongly agree. You need to tell him you need him. If he doesn't coming swooping in like f***ing superman, he isn't worth your time.

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      should I call him and try to talk to him about it? I honestly don't want to push him...plus I'm just worried he won't pick up the phone and will continue to ignore me.

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      If he doesn't answer, leave a message.

      Be sincere about it.

      And if he doesn't return your calls...I'm in California and so is my ex lover...we'll set him straight...

      (I kid...I kid...)