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Justin Bieber at 16 gets a 19 year old pregnant and she sues him?

What missing in the bigger picture? Why hasn’t this woman been placed under arrest for having sex with a minor? Is there any question as to what the... Show More

  • Vote A Yes: she should be in jail.
  • Vote B No: she deserves a free pass because she's a she.

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  • I'm not a Bieber fever chick. I honestly think his voice is annoying but I highly doubt that he would randomly hook-up with any chick. The details that I've read over the internet are not only funny but ridiculous! A bodyguard just picks her out of the crowd, introduces her to JB, leaves them alone, they instantly get attracted to each other, they start making out within 5 minutes (or so she says), then, they go to "somewhere private aka the public bathroom" and get it on. That sounds like Justin Beiber. Why not take her to your tour bus and do her in your private bathroom there? Or invite her to a hotel? Hmm...not very smart or sanitary JB. Lol, I never wanted to wish anything bad on anyone but I hope JB's legal team sues the pants off of her.

    • Agreed and I'm still waiting to see if she has to answer to (not someone else's allegations), but her own admission and account according to her own confession, why she isn't in jail already.

    • True. I agree that when she first drew up the allegations, she should have at least been booked. This is America's justice for you.

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  • 1. Justin Bieber at 16 gets a 19 year old pregnant and she sues him? Well duh he's rich and she wants money

    2. What missing in the bigger picture? A DNA test to me

    3. Why hasn’t this woman been placed under arrest for having sex with a minor? Depends on the state.

    Most states age of consent is 16 so even if he's a minor he can still consent to sex

    4. Is there any question as to what the situation would be if the roles were reversed with the woman being a 19 year old man and Justin a 16 year old girl? Depends on the state.

    Once again 16 is a common age of consent for most states.

    5. Shouldn't she be awaiting trial in a county jail for statutory rape just like any guy would? Actually most guys wouldn't be awaiting trial if they are in of the many states where 16 is the age of consent

    6. How come women get a free pass? Ego women get a free pass on some stuff & men get a free pass on some stuff

    7. What's your take on this? That in most states he's the age of consent.

    Also that you're seeing anti-male & male victimhood in a case that doesn't really have it as it's about age of consent.

    • * Ego should be Egh

  • Srry, but I still find it hard to imagine Bieber having sex o-o;;

    He probably does, but I don't see a man when I look at him.

  • Because in California the age of consensual sex from a minor is 16...

    And it might fall outside the statute of limitations...considering she's had the baby...

    And we're California, we're just awesome like that.

    • Consensual sex ages vary from state to state.

      Some places 18, some 14...most are 16 though.

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    • Talk to an actual lawyer.

      I have no f***ing idea.

      California tends to take women's issues to heart, a mother can be a sh*tty one and yet she ends up with full custody of her children. So...I have no idea.

    • Yeah, not sure where she got the idea that it's 16. Actually, if my memory serves me correctly, I believe it's 18 in most states.

  • are you dumb? its a rumor... she just wants attention. people try to do anything to make his life more complicated just like with any other big celebrity.

    • A rumor? Do you know a rumor like that especially as a self admission to having sex with a minor would land him in jail so fast his head would spin off.

    • yeah so? rumors in hollywood are pretty crazy. don't believe everything you hear. it makes me laugh that people even think its a tiny bit true...

    • But the police detectives and prosecutors don't go by rumors when alleged crimes have taken place. They investigate them to determine if it's fact and they do that very well when men are involved.

  • Excuse me. But not all woman find that fair. I for one think they should roast her ass for screwing him. She should not be aloud to sue and should go to jail. That's stupid.

  • It will be very difficult to prove in a court of law whether or not they indeed had relations. If they did and I highly doubt it, she should be held accountable for statutory rape (provided he is deemed a minor in the state). She should be treated no differently than a guy who does this.

    Personally, I think she is an unstable person who is seeking attention or some quick means to make money. Whether it's money from interviews, scoring a reality show, writing a book etc. Look at all of the people stooping to low means to get in the limelight and make a buck. The latest was that 17 year old model Courtney Stodden who married a 51 year old man. Now, she is getting a LOT of media attention. I do not like Bieber at all but I don't think he deserves to be put though something like this. I truly believe he is NOT the father.

    • It doesn't matter if he liked or consented to it our not, he is still by law a minor of the state. That excuse wouldn't if it were a 19 year old man and a 16 year old girl. Here's a fine example, a teacher Andrew Foster had sex with two minors in the state of Florida which was consensual in both cases. He Andrew foster went to prison while Debra Lafave after repeatably being warned continued having sex with 14 year old and didn't see one day of jail. Same state same time and occupations.

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    • with a student. link

      So, clearly the issue is with the justice system.

    • And clearly you're right. It's the people of our society who make up our justice system and it's those same people who see it as all men are bad and do the evil things and it's the very same things women do, but get away with. So if women do get away with it and clearly they do, then it leaves the question should it even be considered a crime in the first place?

  • you don't know this is true. it's not proven. just a rumor

    • Right but there has to be something to it because there is at least one attorney involved and all it takes to put a man behind bars is a simple single allegation he slept with a minor. So you can say she's already gotten a free pass thus far.

    • like the girl below me said, the rules are different in cali so she gets away with it

    • But the poster below you had it wrong. The laws or rules in California age of consent is age 18 a 19 year old guy in California even made those same self accusations of sleeping with a 16 year old minor like that woman did he'd be on his way to a county jail and then prison.

  • i voted b because its totally not true, she just wants attention

    • Same response applies here: police detectives and prosecutors don't go by rumors when crimes alleged. They investigate them to determine if it's fact and they do that very well at least when men are involved. But suppose you or someone you know became a victim of a crime and everyone blew you off because they were either biased or formed their own opinions ignoring facts?

What Guys Said 4

  • You know that never happened right?

    • Don't matter, all it takes is the accusation of it had it been a guy he'd be on his way to county jail.

    • Is your question about Justin Beiber or sexism?

    • The question is why is she escaping justice when according to the law she has committed statutory rape.

  • I don't think she should be in jail, but at the same time I don't think a 19 year old guy should be in jail for being with a 16 year old girl and getting her pregnant either sooo... but I'm sure a ton of people will hypocritically think that.

    Also, wtf? Justin Bieber had sex? Wtf... is this hypothetical or did it really happen?

  • come on 30 seconds? how can a guy had sex and not remember

  • By California law, I believe, since they are within three years of each other, it is legal.

    • The 3 year difference you're referring to would only apply if they were both minors at the time and she was 19, not a minor.

    • After watching an entertainment show tonight when they stated it was a misdemeanor in California I decided to look it up and yes she committed a misdemeanor and you're right there was something to do with a three years difference. So I decided to see if somehow I got that from Texas law couldn't make head or tails out of that other than it's illegal for a teacher to have sex with a student no matter what the age. It would be a good time for all single teachers in Texas to resign.

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