Justin Bieber at 16 gets a 19 year old pregnant and she sues him?

What missing in the bigger picture? Why hasn’t this woman been placed under arrest for having sex with a minor? Is there any question as to what the situation would be if the roles were reversed with the woman being a 19 year old man and Justin a 16 year old girl? Shouldn't she be awaiting trial in a county jail for statutory rape just like any guy would? How come women get a free pass? What's your take on this?

  • Vote A Yes: she should be in jail.
  • Vote B No: she deserves a free pass because she's a she.
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  • I'm not a Bieber fever chick. I honestly think his voice is annoying but I highly doubt that he would randomly hook-up with any chick. The details that I've read over the internet are not only funny but ridiculous! A bodyguard just picks her out of the crowd, introduces her to JB, leaves them alone, they instantly get attracted to each other, they start making out within 5 minutes (or so she says), then, they go to "somewhere private aka the public bathroom" and get it on. That sounds like Justin Beiber. Why not take her to your tour bus and do her in your private bathroom there? Or invite her to a hotel? Hmm...not very smart or sanitary JB. Lol, I never wanted to wish anything bad on anyone but I hope JB's legal team sues the pants off of her.

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      Agreed and I'm still waiting to see if she has to answer to (not someone else's allegations), but her own admission and account according to her own confession, why she isn't in jail already.

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      True. I agree that when she first drew up the allegations, she should have at least been booked. This is America's justice for you.