How do I avoid biting during BJ?

I've never given a blow job before and I'm confused about how I avoid knocking him with my teeth or accidentally biting him.


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  • All you need to do is suck it like you would your thumb, you wouldn't use your teeth to suck your thumb, so you don't need teeth to suck him off, and as long as you don't clamp dowm as if biting into a banana, then expressing slight teeth movement is sometimes nice, so just don't do anything you think might hurt, because if you think it might, then it probably will, enjoy,x

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  • It's like sucking on a Popsicle. You don't let your teeth scrape across the surface. Same principle only bigger Popsicle. (Maybe)

  • Stubbsy is right on the screws with this one. Give him best answer !

  • "I would always say: "mind your teeth please..."

  • How do you avoid biting ice cream?

  • cover your teeth with your lips. good bj's have a lot of tongue so let it do all the work and try to keep your teeth far apart.

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  • Practice, just always be aware haha

  • practice on a banana hahaha.

    but seriously, cover your lips with your teeth, and don't just bob your head up and down, and use your tongue to help avoid any accidental teeth touch

  • as funny as it sounds practise on a really big lolly pop, honestly you won't bite, I never have, use a lot of toung to :d just keep your mouth open quiet wide

  • Just suck you won't bite him. trust me you will be fine

    • do you bite and ice pop when your sucking it unless you want to so you will be fine

  • It's hard to do. I hate it, hurts my lips and jaw. Mouths aren't designed for this. Who cares if you bite him that's his problem for wanting a bj in the first place.

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