Do some girls' vaginas smell worse than others?

does some girls' vagina's smell worse than others?

and how do you "clean" down there to keep it maintained.

my fingers smell so f-ing bad after fingering some girls. others not so bad.

whats the deal?

please advise.. thank you.


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  • Actually it could depend on the time of the month and how recently she finished her period.


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  • We all have difference scents, we all have pheromones that get released.

  • those girls probably were dirty and infected with some infection. normal healthy vaginas are not supposed to smell horrible or leave a scent, those girls you had were gross

  • i have no infections and I am a virgin but after I " play" with myself for a long time the smell stick on My finger a bit fishy but its not bad, but its hard to get away... Not that you would feel far away just If you had My finger on your noose... I think its hormones everyone has a particular smell

  • shower and stay away from smelly foods

  • Well it could be there diet! Or there not clean!


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  • True I haven't had a wide variety. But from the few I've experienced, they're all edible.

    Same with penises (penii?) I've sampled many many more of them. If there's a disagreeable smell, have a shower.

  • i have found they always have that fishy odor but more so after strenuous activity or being excessively hot for a long period of time. after I finger a girl I secretly(at least I think secretly) wipe my fingers on her inner thighs a little so its not so wet coming out. On the up side if you go down on a girl I have never tasted anything bad just smelled not so good. That's where the saying came from "smell bad taste good" haha!

  • I would prefer to say that: some females smell better than others...I have personally never encountered a female that I would not give oral have heard some..?bizarre? stories?...O:O Female's organs are usually pretty clean..what you are really talking about is merely washing her scent away which I oral to newly washed female is very similar to licking a steak..does not stimulate me..some of these guys that don't like the smell of females should maybe try a male or two..and of course they could always try dating outside of their species...anyways I refuse to give oral to any female straight out of the bathtub..not no way...not no how...