How do you guys feel when you are left turned on?

After getting it up, the girl says NO, what do you guys feel? what's the sensation? And what would you think of the girl?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm assuming you're the one who helped him get it up (as in touching, making out, something physically active not just by being hot and not just simple loving kisses).

    It feels probably about the same as if a guy said "I love you to death girl, marry me." You said yes, and then he said "Just kidding!"

    Maybe not that bad, but it really really sucks. If he was really horny he might shake a little from adrenaline, his mind is gonna be on fire about sex, his heart is gonna race and he's gonna find something to get his mind off it as soon as possible.

    They'll probably find an excuse to go somewhere and jack off (well it's been a long day, think I'll go shower honey) and they will, I guarantee you, think in their mind how much it sucks they're sittin there jackin their shit because the girl they like didn't want to get down.

    Now, you gotta realize, guys are used to not gettin what we want. We will put up with this because, let's face it, girls gotta want to do it too, sex is a mutual thing otherwise it's called rape, and every guy respects that so we will complain but understand. In the end though, if you don't like doing us a lot, you'll lose a lot of points and he might even consider finding a girl who is more active.

    Just don't tease us like this, and don't start something you don't plan to finish because it blows for our side of things.

    If on the other hand, your guy just got up from looking at you or thinkin about you or just a random boner (happens all the time) it's not your painstaking responsibility to finish him off just because he got hard. Girlfriends aren't slaves to our dick, no guy expects to snap his fingers and have a girl relieve him whenever we get a boner. Natural hard ons, that you didn't touch us to cause, are something we deal with our whole life, so don't worry.