I threw up on my boyfriend and am really embarrassed

ok..so I was giving a blowjob for the first time and while doing it I kinda threw up on my boyfrind..and I hv been really embarassed since then and I certainly dnt think that I am in a position to give another one..cause I know he will still ask for it...although he made me feel fine by saying it... Show More

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  • Please don't feel embarrassed - you know, I'm not gay at all but if I would be, I'd honestly not know how to do it myself properly - I'm sure most guys if they had to do it wouldn't be able to do it right the first times either :)

    It's probably the gag reflex when you're pressing his tip against the back of your throat. What you can try is use your tongue to control how deep he goes in for a while - also so you can relax yourself (and your mouth) and eventually enjoy it as well. It's also for him better if you take it slowly in while using your tongue. When you're giving a blowjob, remember you're in control, so use that to not rush yourself.

    PS. You seem to have a decent guy if he tells you not to worry about it :)

    • Omg thank you!

      You've really helped. DUnno why I was actaully smiling while reading whatever you had written

      THanks again :)

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    • Listen.

      I did it! Without throwing up!


    • Heheh - well congratulations! If ever I turn bi (which won't happen) I know who to turn to now eh? :p

      hope you liked it as much as he did :)