Are shy girls submissive or dominant in bed?

So I want to know if shy girls are submissive or dominant in bed?

  • Submissive
    21% (8)29% (5)23% (13)Vote
  • Dominant
    15% (6)6% (1)12% (7)Vote
  • Depends on the person
    64% (25)65% (11)65% (36)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on whom I'm with. I am very shy at times, but when I'm with someone who is not shy I tend to dominate him behind closed doors. However, if I am with a shy guy, I tend to be more gentle...not necessarily submissive, but I allow him a bit more than I would a more aggressive guy. Hope that makes sense.

    • So it depends who you're with, interesting...

    • Everyone is different so you have to treat each scenario in a different way. There is a broad spectrum of guys from very shy to overly aggressive. For overly shy I'm more of a listener and give him time and space. For the overly aggressive I tend to want to dominate him so he can have a taste of what he is like in real life. Don't you treat each situation differently?

What Girls Said 13

  • I'm very shy and a bit of push-over generally if I'm honest. But with my boyfriend, 98% of the time I'm the dominant one. I do it naturally and just get more encouragment from my guy cos he loves it. :)

  • I'm "shy" but I'm also dominant in bed lol

  • depends on the person... they could let it all loose in the bedroom or stay shy. You can't generalize here at all

  • It can be either way. It definitely depends on the person.

  • i think it depends on the person ha ha I'm shy and submissive lol and could be an animal haha

    • Interesting lol...

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    • What do you mean by "go crazy"

    • i can't say it :) but lets just say its a lot of fun for that guy

  • It depends on the girl really, some shy girls open up and have a really strong personality while others are more quite.

  • I think it depends on a few things. It probably also depends on who exactly she's in bed with. Like is it her boyfriend or her husband? How long have they been together? Is it her first time?

  • my girl's shy but she likes to be dominant

  • It really depends. I don't think you can make a blanket statement with this one.

  • Depends on my mood,

    If I'm feeling frisky and sassy I will dominate his arse,

    If I feel more mellow and sultry I'll give him the honors of dominating me.

  • often shy girls are very creative and open minded and are often better in bed that other girls . Because still waters run deep ;)

  • It really can go either way. The two really have nothing to do with each other.


What Guys Said 4

  • I've known shy subs and shy doms; what someone does in bed doesn't necessarily reflect what people do out of it.

  • I think it would depend on the girls mood. A girl with any personality can feel like being dominant on one night, and submissive on another night. So, I think it depends on the mood of the girl, not her personality.

  • It of course depends on the person. Shyness really has little bearing on a girls sexual preferences, but most women are submissive in bed regardless.

  • Some shy girls can be wild in bed