Are shy girls submissive or dominant in bed?

So I want to know if shy girls are submissive or dominant in bed?

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  • It depends on whom I'm with. I am very shy at times, but when I'm with someone who is not shy I tend to dominate him behind closed doors. However, if I am with a shy guy, I tend to be more gentle...not necessarily submissive, but I allow him a bit more than I would a more aggressive guy. Hope that makes sense.

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      So it depends who you're with, interesting...

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      Everyone is different so you have to treat each scenario in a different way. There is a broad spectrum of guys from very shy to overly aggressive. For overly shy I'm more of a listener and give him time and space. For the overly aggressive I tend to want to dominate him so he can have a taste of what he is like in real life. Don't you treat each situation differently?