Is it weird to want to be tied down?

I've always had this fantasy about wanting to be tied down during sex. Guys would you be weirded out if a girl asked you to do this?

Have any of you done it?

The only person that I have slept with wasn't very open sexually. He wouldn't experiment at should a girl go about asking to be tied down?


Most Helpful Guy

  • There's nothing wrong with experimenting, but you need to realize that not every guy is going to be prepared to handle this kind of request.

    In order for you to get the experience that you want, you need two things in a guy:

    - open-minded sexually, and

    - a naturally dominant personality.

    Many guys simply don't have the dominant personality in them, and most of the time, that isn't something that can really be taught. And if he isn't open-minded, he might freak out by such a request, even if he is naturally dominant.

    Believe it or not, this is a fairly common request - many girls want to experiment with this, and having trouble finding a guy to do it with is a common problem. Bondage requires a lot of trust, even more than what you need to have sex. You've got to find a guy who you can build that trust with.

    Finally, you've got to prepare for this. You don't want to just grab anything to be tied up with - you could end up hurt or worse. I recommend starting by buying a set of wrist and ankle cuffs, which are wider and softer and will prevent injury, and are quicker to get out of if you decide you want things to stop. And if you use rope, use thick, smooth rope, again, less likely to cause injury. Thinner rope and rougher rope is for "advanced users" who desire such.

    Good luck!