How bad are blue balls really?

Sorry, just it seems like guys exaggerate how bad it is.

I'm a sick person, and kiss a guy, suck on his neck, grind on him, grab his d*** and tell him how much I want him, then send him home. he's my boyfriend though, and he's nearly in tears by the end Ahahahaha. How cruel is this?

Hahaha okay, sounds like it really is awful. I'll stop.


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  • Depends on how well the guy can control the emotions he has invested in the girl.

  • that's really mean...

    my ex used to do's horrible and gets me very angry and agressive...

    either do it and continue or don't tease him at all...

  • lmaoo if you were my girlfriend, we would be at war all day lol I could play that game too :p

    • hahahah how would you play that game lol?

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    • That sounds so sooooooo hot, but so so cruel lol, I hope you don't really play that game too much, unless you really do give it to her in the end lol

    • She started it ha ha and even if I do give it to her, she needs to cave first lol

  • well I don't think that its cruel .. He should be more of a man and leave for good when you "sent him home" .

  • After you do all of that, do you give him permission to masturbate?

    • Why would I have to give him permission?

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    • Oh Eddie...

    • What?!?

  • Karma is a bitch...laugh now and cry later. Don't start crying like a baby when you found out his banging someone else and blame him for cheating. Hahahahhahahaha he can't get it with you then trust he'll get it some where else hahahahha

    • No, he's in love with me. He's still a virgin, and he's liked me for 3 years. I'm safe.

    • Sure whatever you say

  • Cruel.

  • so f*cked up

  • My first Girlfriend was doing that too. I hated it, and I loved it :)

    Yes, you get totally horny and crazy, but it also fills you with lust for that girl. Should never stop that! ;)

  • Cruel enough I would have left that load on your driver's side door.

  • You sound like a real bee-atch, but yeah, blue balls can hurt some, but not for long, because most of us empty them out pretty quickly. I'd either go find me another girl or yeah, like one dude said already, I'd leave a load on your car!

  • Psycho bitch, and now we wonder why there are guys who rape and beat girls!

    But you deserve it!

  • -_-

  • Well the easy solution is to just pick up another girl on the way home and f*** her till you cum. That's what I do.


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  • blue balls can actually be really painful for a guy, so if your getting some sort of sadistic pleasure out of this know that it really does hurt him, at least until he is able to relieve himself. I don't find this all that funny, but if he likes this sort of submission then continue on, but if you are doing this to intentionally hurt him it reall is sick. you should be careful I know nice guys who have been pushed around by the girls they like, they are so desperate for so long that they may take advantage of things, the game your playing is capable of going both ways so be warned. you seem to have a nice guy, you shouldn't abuse that, you should be grateful. but the reason he stays is because in the back of his mind is always the lingereing "next time she will follow day she will finish me blah blah" the more often you do this without follow through the less and less hope he has. but hope it works out for the best and your boy gets his rocks off somehow

  • That's horrible. I'm glad you said you'll stop because it's cruel and unusual punishment for someone who sounds like a nice guy (he must be to have put up with that). If I were you, I'd take care of and finish him off next time as sort of an apology. If you don't want to do that, then just stay away from his genitals entirely.

    • Also him being in tears when he leaves could be due to emotions. I mean, his girlfriend tells him that she wamts him but then sends him on his way without showing that she wants him at all. He probably feels rejected and unwanted after that. Again-very cruel.

  • It depends. Of you are waiting to have sex, it's normal to take it to a certain point and then stop. If not, it's more debatable. Real blue balls can be very painful, but being super turned on and having blue balls are not the same.

    • Am I wrong about something? Having blue balls is NOT just being turned on. Obviously I'm not saying it's good to try to put a guy in an uncomfortable position. But whether or not it's wrong to stop at a certain point depends on the expectations.

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    • Oh, I get hat you're saying. I wast misusing the term though haha.

    • No but often people use it as a general term for being sexually frustrated. Sometimes guys use it as an excuse for wanting sex. But real blue balls don't happen that often- or that easily. It would take a LOT of stimulation to get to that point. What you've described sounds like it could be a blue ball inducing situation, but I just wanted to clarify. I didn't want anyone to say it DIDN'T hurt, not realizing how blue balls really happen. Sorry I guess I was unclear about what I meant!

  • "he's my boyfriend though"

    That's when I was like WTF? Sounds like something you'd do to someone you really, really dislike.

    I'd be outies if I was him F*ck that. You're treating him like a chew toy.

    • I am treating him poorly, I won't deny it haha. But it's fine. Pretty much I don't like him anyways, he is a chew toy.

    • OOOH. You're not stupid, you're actually a bad human being. I get it.

    • Yeah!

  • You're a bitch. Poor guy.