Guys and girls, how exactly do you pull back the skin on an uncircumcised penis before giving head?

I want to give my guy a blow and I really want to please him. However this is the first time anything sexual has happened between us and he is uncircumcised. I enjoy giving oral sex but have never been with a man that still had his foreskin intact. So, my question is what do I do with the foreskin exactly when giving him a bj? And during sex?


Most Helpful Guy

  • With an uncircumcised guy, you can try slipping your tongue between his foreskin and the head, that feels nice. Rather than roll the skin back with your hand (which you'd do by grasping it in the middle of the shaft and pushing/pulling in the direction of his belly) try doing it with your lips and mouth. Place one hand on the base of his penis, and then when you take him into your mouth as you apply a bit of pressure with your lips the skin will roll back. Now swirl your tongue around the exposed head, especially the "banjo string" which is the thin strip of skin connecting his foreskin to the tip of his penis.

    Just have fun, you'll figure it out!