How do you women feel about adult breastfeeding?

A lot of us men like to breastfeed on women. Sucking milk out of her breasts nipples turns us on sexually. A lot of couples and single men and women are into this.


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  • I've always heard breastfeeding hurts. I might let him try it a few times, but making it a regular event would be kinda silly. I do get tired of guys insisting on doing sexual things over and over that are sheerly for their own pleasure and make us physically uncomfortable.

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  • I think it's weird, if you're thirsty go find something to drink in the fridge, not my chest

    • ? Do you let your man suck on your boobs when you don't have milk? Boobs aren't my thing..but I fail to see how with mile is weirder than w/o milk? O:O

    • If he's doing it just to get milk that's weird, I'm not a cow

    • no to get aroused...sexual satisfaction

  • I've heard the milk is sour, do you really like the taste of it?

    • Lol mines not ha ha nasty weird story I breadtfeed my son and the other night my mother in law came in and wanted to play with him and he had a little milk on his cheek and she started kissing him and it got in her mouth she said it was really sweet

    • lol I guess it depends on the woman, cause he definitely said it was sour, and that he was turned on by it like the QA said :P

    • ive never tried it myself...was thinking about it

  • eww..

  • Does it really turn you guys on like I said down below I'm breastfeeding my son my boyfriend asked me if he could try it a few times and I thought he was jokeing lol

    • some guys seem to really love it..I was never much of a breast guy to start with..pretty sure my wife would have let me..she gave me a sample of it..seemed more like condensed milk...but I don't really remember...honestly tho...why is it any more strange for them to want to suck on breasts with milk present than without milk present? O:O

  • That only happens if a woman is lactating, because she is either pregnant or breastfeeding a child. I am not either of those, but I find it very arousing when a man sucks on or licks my nipples and breasts.

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  • My wife was so weirded out by this when she was pregnant. She allowed it once or twice but never again. Too bad. It was major excitement.