How do I "torture" my boyfriend?

So me and my boyfriend have been going out for a very long time and yes we do have sex but he's so playful and that's just how we are but I want to know a way that I could be "mean" to him and bed please help me.


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  • Omg lol ok here's some thing to try but warning be carfull hehehe id love to have a lady sit on my face and try to smouther me, telling me eat it and makeing me untill she comes all in my mouth.when she's suckingmy **** I like to have her bite it on the head ... be careful here ok? spanking is a lot of fun for me to a woman not sure if guys like it I'm sure some do. Teasing it the best I love to be teased for a long period of time so long as I know I'm going ot get revenge hehe ie spanking rubbing the head up and don't her p**** lips and not penatrating. Talking naughty is so hott. some like to be scrached or bitten but not no hard.I love to be trowen down and jumped on or when my lady tells me no and trys to keep me from doing it but ... its acting I never hurt them.Always give them a safe word so they will know if it gets to ruf Good luck and have lots of fun Ray


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  • Try acting angr and then spanking him. Personally I love that!

  • This is not like S&M torture but it will drive him crazy! Get him naked, tie his hands & ankles to a chair. Masturbate for him. Say a lot of things like wouldn't you like to be doing this or that. I guarantee that when your done all you will have to do is touch "it" with a finger & "it" will explode.

  • let him anticipate. Almost do something to him, then back off again

  • so you want to get into S&M and be the dominant one? about this...shave his pubic hair off with a straight razor, while he is tied down.

    Yeah, when you get to be my age, you have a lot of ideas to draw upon...

  • Well I'm a masochist so I love a bit of pain. You can blindfold him and tease him by scratching, clawing or biting him. But make sure he's ok rough with it. Kiss his neck and hover your lips just above his skin and let him feel your breath. Sit on his stomach and grind on him especially if you're wet. Then lean back and masturbate in his face. It'll make him go crazy and want you more (do this either with his blindfold on or off). Make him lick your wet fingers slowly. Grab a vibrator and vibrate his penis from tip down and back up slowly. Then tie the vibrator to his penis and tell him if he cums he'll be punished. If he obeys and doesn't cum in the time you choose (10-30 minutes is good) then give him what hee wants if he does cum then you leave him tied Iup and leave him in the dark room for a bit (again 10-30 minutes is good)


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