What's the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised penises?

so they cut of some foreskin?

i saw some pix well I'm lost can you guys explain it to me

im not a virgin but I can't tell the difference between it ?

please explain it to me =D


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  • This is what my female friends have described to me in regards to the difference in their experiences between the natural penis and the circumcised penis during sex; Foreskin on a penis makes it easier to masturbate a man, because the shaft skin moves up and down over the head with ease while they're pumping it. No friction means no lubricants are needed. A circumcised penis, has a shaft skin that is tighter when erect and its the girls hand that travels up and down the shaft not the shaft skin. The friction created by this method almost always requires some kind of lubrication to masturbate him for any length of time.

    Most of my female friends agree that during intercourse, circumcised men thrust faster and harder to achieve their own orgasm. If the girl's not wet do to lack of proper foreplay, lubricants are needed to make intercourse easier and less painful. Men with foreskin tend to thrust slower, uses shorter strokes and rarely if ever require a lubricant for intercourse.

    Most of my female friends preferred the foreskin intercourse as they tell me there's less pain and more pleasure from beginning to end.

    They told me oral sex is enjoyable with either man. The only difference was the variables of pleasuring the man's foreskin and the way they performed oral on it. Some mentioned they thought the natural penised man seemed to enjoy sex more and orgasmed more strongly. The others didn't notice a huge difference. That said, all my female friends said natural or circumcised, if their partner had poor hygiene, oral was a turn off and that a shower or (in the event a shower was not available) wet wipes were a good and fast way to clean them up before oral sex.

    As for what's better? That will always become dependent on the individual woman. Ultimately, its my belief that sex is 50% in the mind and 50% in the body. If you have the hots for the person I see little reason you won't enjoy the physical aspect.

    I hope this helps