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He says he thinks about me all the time

What's it mean. Say you have been seeing someone casually and then he tells you he thinks about you everyday what does that mean.

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  • if you liked a guywould you think about himall the time?(or maybe ur weird?)

    • I think about him ALL the time, I know what it means when I say it, I just was not sure if it meant the same thing when a guy says it. So what does he want me to do about it ( this sounds so highschool lol) But I don't know what he looking for in a reaction from me. I told him Good because I think about you all the time too

    • Den yall think bout eachother all da time

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  • if a guy is thinking about a girl a lot he probably likes you, obv cus he's tihnking about you a lot and if he tells you that he probably really likes you...whatd you say back?

    • I told him Good because I think about you all the time too

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  • I know when I think about someone all the time, literally, it means I'm in chemical love at the very least. :-) I'd be interested to hear what guys say.

    • Chemical love?

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    • Chemical love huh, well I've never heard it put quite that way before

    • Chemical attraction?

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