Why do we look and seem so serious during sex/masturbation?

i tend to look very serious and mean when I'm turned on, and occasionally I'll smile or smirk. but mostly I looked very focus and pissed, lol.

but I always wondered why.

it's pleasure, should people be laughing and smiling a majority of the time? some do, but everyone looks serious and stern...some girls look like they are pissed or wanna cry.

it turns me on, but I always wondered where it came from where we all are so serious looking during sex or while we are turned on masturbating. it feels great but its just something I find a little fascinating.


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  • I think I probably look pretty serious when I'm about to orgasm, mainly because I need to focus and tense up to reach orgasm. But I do smile and laugh during sex---it feels good and I'm happy and delighted.. plus, sometimes funny stuff happens during sex. :D


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  • We don't smile much alone because we are focusing on just releasing all our pent up tension.

  • Haha I know. :( I wish my 'masturbation face' was a little more sexy, but I look like I'm doing homework, lmao. I can't help it, I'm just concentrating. :P I'd probably be less...focused during sex more, and probably change my facial expression lol.

  • You are more concentrated on the feeling rather than the expressions on your face, it's something you don't think to control unless there is something that makes you smile.

  • I smile more when I'm with someone. When I masturbate alone I don't smile because I'm very focused and I just want an orgasm.


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  • I will give you an indirect answer. By me at home we have the term "animalic seriousness (tierischer Ernst/tierisch ernst ) This saying is coming by observation of animals. Nearly always the animals are "serious", means the make their acting without jokes and/or merry kind. For to have this, you must have distance to your acting.

    By sex we are more or less animalic, we are without any distance by our "job", (and) we are concentrated. By every full concentration seriousness is there.

  • Cos it is serious business.