Girls, do you feel more naked/exposed with legs open vs closed?

As a guy, I feel naked when, well, when I'm naked.

I'm curious whether girls feel they have different levels of "nakedness".

Do you feel the same way if someone sees you completely naked, but your legs are together, versus when your legs are parted enough for someone to actually see your girlie bits.


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  • Sure. I mean, would you feel like you've seen a girl "more naked/exposed" if you saw her nude and spread-eagle compared to if she were nude, but with her legs together? It's the difference between our bits being hidden, or our bits being fully exposed.

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      bits lol :P

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      Bits ... mmmmmmm. :p

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      Agreed. Thanks for answering. Another quick question. Which feels more naked:

      1) Spread Legs

      2) Spread Bum Cheeks