Women/girls - where does urine come out?

I know this is extremely weird hahha.. But a group of friends and I (were all virgins) were discussing this and it left me so confused! LOL some if the girls said that we urinate from the hole where the penis enters, but I disagreed.. Now we're all confused from this, someone help us poor souls out?


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  • I can see that you have receive answers on this question, however don't feel too bad about the question itself. I say this because if you never ask, you will never know. Additionally as you learn more and are better informed I'm sure you will run into many other people who are less informed than you. I work in a hospital and you would be amazed at how little people know about their own bodies. So continue on your quest for knowledge, while it may be a long journey it is well worth the effort. If you should have any other sort of potentially embarrassing questions feel free to ask, I will do my best to satisfy your curiosity.


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  • Oh my gosh! Don't they teach human anatomy in high school anymore or is just Socialist bullsh*t you kids have been taught all your lives? Your urethra is located below your clitoris and above your vaginal opening.

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    • Was that link enough? Do you now know from where your pee comes out?

    • Yes yes.. The image helped

  • Age 18 -24 and this question , - WOW !

    You don`t have a hand.mirror? And if you have one, why you don`t look downward? O-O-O

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The urethra (a very pleasant little orifice) is located just about dead center in the vulva...between the vagina & the clitoris...

  • I know there are answers below. Your urethral opening is of similar size to ours and is located between your clitoris and Vag opening. There can be a half inch or more from your clit to your urethra and again to your Vag or they can be close together with your urethra at the edge of your Vag opening giving the appearance that you pee out of your Vag. If you are like that, pull up at your clit when you pee and you will pee straight out like a guy .

    • Hahaa oh wow. Thanks for that! (:

  • through the urethra link

    don't you rummage around down there?


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  • It is hard to imagine a group of girls over 18 that do not know what we pee out of! lol

    The group of you all missed sex ed day at school?

    None of you has been to a gyno yet for a p*ssy check up?

    Your either having fun with us or a very very sheltered group of girls.

    I see that plenty of information has been left for you to learn all about the uretha and all its workings. Have fun learning about it and it's easier if two or more of you are together so you can see each others.

    • girls care more about the penis than there vaginas.

    • toocool2 your a complete idiot!

    • nope you are the girls like penis > vagina so they don't even know their own body parts.

  • Urethra.

  • It's through the urethra.