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Is my girlfriend's sister trying to get with me?

Here's my situation. I've been with my girl for two years now. Everything has been great and we get along wonderfully. She's 23 and she has a younger... Show More

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  • oh...no question I'd tell the sister. She needs her ass kicked lol If you don't tell her and then you spill all the stuff at her a year down the road she's going to think you werent telling her because you also felt an attraction. Don't let the incidents pile up or go on forever. Say something like "you know I like having your sister around but when she spent the night the other day she came out of the bathroom without a shirt on and it really made me uncomfortable...she might be comfortable being naked around strangers but I'm not comfortable with it" and she'll probably flip out and be like SHE DID WHAT?! but just say "yeah I just figured it was something she always did but she needs to remember not to do that at our house" don't say anything about how you think she's hitting on you or trying to get your attention. if she says "has she ever done anything else like this?" play it cool and say nothing I can think of. Let her handle it because SHE will know that's what she was up to and she'll lay the smack down herself and you can be all "oh I don't know if she's doing THAT or not" and let her be the one who thinks the sister is acting like a spoiled little slut...but DONT overly take up for her either just say "well you know her better than I do I will let you handle it" and then LET HER.

    • That's what I was thinking too. I just didn't want my girlfriend mad at me over something her sister is doing. I think I'm gonna mention it like you said and try not to make a big deal of it. Thanks for your comment, it really helped!

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    • My girlfriend said that she was gonna talk to her and let her know that she could'nt be walking through the house naked and that she should carry her clothes in the bathroom with her. She seemed to think that her little sister didn't do it on purpose, but she said to let her know if she ever does anything like that again. I feel a lot better about the whole situation now that I got that out on the table. Now the ball is in my girlfriends court. Thanks for your help!

    • i'm sure it feels better now that it's out in the open cause you felt guilty and confused about it and now you don't have to! and yw :)

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  • Mention something to the sister. You don't want to create an issue between them if it can be resolved between the two of you. just make sure you have an answer if she says "lets go now". haha

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  • Tell her sister that you're faithful to your Girlfriend and that you'd appreciate it if you didn't tempt me.

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