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Why do guys let girls go first out of doors?

why do guys let girls go first out of doors I heard its to look at the girls ass when she walks in front.Is this true?

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  • It's because there could be a crazed gunman on the other side and you don't want to get shot do you?

  • for me, being a male in my 40's I let the girl (woman) go in front of my, I usually open the door just because it is having good manners, especially to woman I do not know.

  • cause you can look at her pooper. and cause they like it adn its easy

  • It's old school politeness to let a lady go first through a door. However, it does have the benefit of a peek at her butt.

  • No that's just a fringe benefit. Guys who do that were taught to do it by their fathers. It's old fashioned manners.

    • Back in the day, any man of good breeding did this. Long before our time.

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