How easily can a guy control his erection?

If a guy and a girl are making out, can the guy stop himself from getting an erection? How about if there's dry humping as well? Can the guy control it?

Thanks everyone for your comments, its just something that I always wondered.


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  • It totally happens on it's own and is controlled by the mind. So if a guy can totally get his mind on something totally stupid while he was making our or humping it might not occur. But I don't think most guys have that much mind control. I know I don't. haha!


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  • its just there...its weird I can be in a really intense situation with a girl I'm not completely in to and I feel like I have control...but if its with a girl I'm really excited about its there before I would ever want it...kind of annoying

  • no, unless he's thinking

    about dead kitties and other

    things that might turn him off

  • Not during the act, no matter what. Should they stop making out or dry humping and the male focuses on something else, consciously/subconsciously, then his excitement diminishes.

    That is the extent of our control

    Mind you, if the act is with someone the male does not find attractive, there may not be one there (a hard on) to begin with ;)

  • Nope. That fella has got a mind of his own.

  • It depends how old he is. the younger the guy, the harder the control. also, I think you have to be hard to dry hump.

  • An erection is sometimes possible to control and sometimes not. Getting an erection is pretty easy. You just need to think about girls and it will come. But sometimes it comes when you're not expecting it and for absolutely no reason. Stopping an erection is the more difficult part. You have to think unsexy thoughts. But it's not as simple as that, the guy REALLY has to concentrate on those thoughts, which is very difficult when there's an attractive girl around.

    • Is there really any girl that would really prefer her boyfriend to be thinking about dead kittens or his grandmother rather than have an erection while making out ? That would be a great poll to put here:D:D

    • Somehow I doubt it.

  • Not really, nearly impossible to be honest.

  • Control it? Why? You're making out so that's his hotness thermometer. It means he's feeling good because of you.

  • Guys don't have control over erections... when will girls understand this?

  • No, not very well at all. It is hard to get one at will, and hard to prevent one at will. Maybe I sould have said "difficult" and not "hard"...


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  • It's probably a lot easier to control with practice. I wouldn't know as I'm a girl, but I would say that to some degree it is kind of uncontrollable. There are things you can do to maybe make it go away faster, or hold it off for a while, but I don't think you can completely stop it from happening. Idk, I could be wrong.

    • Haha, pretty gutsy...but I answer about girls sex responses sometimes too.

      And you aren't too far off, really. But FYI, practice doesn't help at all. If I want to get an erection, I can sort do it usually by thinking sexy thoughts. If I'm in a sexy situation, I can't stop it no matter how much I wan t to. Not even thinking about dead kitties.

    • Yeah, its not possible to practice, like trying to stop gravity or something