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How do you think you would look if you were born the opposite gender?

The other day I saw a very attractive strikingly beautiful woman, she had long flowing brown hair like a chocolate waterfall, her eyes were twinkly... Show More

So, how do you think you would look like if you were born the opposite gender?

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  • Well, I actually do have a twin brother (and no, we're not identical - there is a slight difference on chromosome 23, LOL!) but we look very much alike. Same face shape, facial details, hair color, height, and overall body shape. I look nothing like my mother either - people are always surprised when they meet her. I look just like my father. So I imagine that I wouldn't look too different than I already do, if I was a guy.

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  • I'd be one ugly broad.

  • I'd be hot.

    • In a parallel dimension you are THAT-Girl on GAG

    • Well, my mom is very good looking... I'd imagine she'd pass those genes to me.

      I'd be shorter 5'4, skinny and b cup breast. I'd also be better academically and organized. However... I'd be freaking hard to date as my mom's personality is quite linear as what is accepted and what's not. I was raised by the mom so... she'd be a big influence on me, even more so if I were female.

      A more through answer...

  • I'd be a scary looking chick and if I kept my voice all would run in terror

    • I bet in a parallel dimension all the guys that are guys in this world are girls in the parallel world, and all the girls that are girls in this world are guys in that parallel dimension, I think God likes to have fun with the cosmos and I think their are infinitie possibilities of everything.

    • well in that case I apologize for my other dimension self

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