How do you think you would look if you were born the opposite gender?

The other day I saw a very attractive strikingly beautiful woman, she had long flowing brown hair like a chocolate waterfall, her eyes were twinkly like morning dew on grass, her lips were luscious and full, her body voluptuous and her figure graceful like that of a ballerina, her complexion was like the radiance of an angel levitating in the sky during a beautiful Ibiza sunset, anyways, enough of the poetry..

In walked a man after her, who was good looking too, no homo. He was obviously bigger than her in all respects, from height to facial features, but his facial features bared a very close resemblance to hers, he was like the male version of her I thought. My first thought was that they were brother and sister, but they looked too similar for just that, I just had to ask them if they were twins and indeed they were. Fraternal they said, as apparently, male and female couplets can not be born identical, idk

It got me thinking, what if, I had a twin sister, how would she look? then I started thinking, what if I was born a girl, how would I look like? I know some of you are jokesters, so I'll make it a point right now that no, I'm not thinking about a sex change lol, this is just a question from out of left field, sorry.

So, how do you think you would look like if you were born the opposite gender?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I actually do have a twin brother (and no, we're not identical - there is a slight difference on chromosome 23, LOL!) but we look very much alike. Same face shape, facial details, hair color, height, and overall body shape. I look nothing like my mother either - people are always surprised when they meet her. I look just like my father. So I imagine that I wouldn't look too different than I already do, if I was a guy.