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Girls: going commando in jeans?

Hi girls,

Is it uncomfortable to not wear underwear when wearing jeans?

  • Vote A I've never tried that
  • Vote B It's really uncomfortable
  • Vote C Actually, its surprisingly comfortable
  • Vote D Show me the answers

Most Helpful Opinion

  • (1) It depends what kind of jeans they are. Some are made with softer material and just feel good.

    (2) For girls who wear thongs/g-strings, the whole "riding up" thing is not new...

    It's not something a girl would be able to do daily.

    • Thanks for BA.

What Girls Said 7

  • lol no its not...at least not for me...

  • i do quite often it doesn't bug me any I find it as comfortable as wearing underwear, but that's just me

  • I prefer not to have a friction burn I vote underwear.

  • It's only uncomfortable if your jeans are really tight.

  • no its not really a big deal, I do it sometimes! :D

    it makes me feel scandelous! haha

  • ive never gone without underwear in tight jeans, but ill wear something that shouldn't be considered underwear. id imagine its uncomfortable for several reasons. but I go without underwear in tight dresses

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