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Can you "fake" an erection?

If you really want to be turned on by someone, or for whatever reason you wish you could get it up, but just aren't that aroused, can you somehow... Show More

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  • "If you really want to be turned on by someone, or for whatever reason you wish you could get it up, but just aren't that aroused, can you somehow "fake" an erection?" No, it doesn't work like for a guy no more what B.S. you might hear from guys on this sight. There is a device that's supposed to be able to 'pump up' a guy's d*** if he has true E.D., but no guy will EVER do such a thing just 'fake an erection' over some girl who doesn't arouse him.

    "For example, maybe you could think of something that arouses you so you get a hard on, even though the person you are with or the situation itself wasn't the cause of the arousal?" Maybe, just maybe that might work if the girl only slightly arouses the guy. However, he'll become a limp noodle long before it's 'entry time'.

    • thanks. I think you understood my question better than others. (though I don't blame them, as it wasn't worded entirely clearly)

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  • I guess if you put it that way, it's possible... Thoughts are usually all it takes to be aroused. But a guy isn't going to "do it" with a girl he's not physically attracted to tho. Nerves can prevent erections, like if a guy is really nervous, but that's another issue...

  • No. You cannot fake an erection. The only possible way to do it is using those erectile pills. The problem with those is that once your "on", you can't turn soft for many many hours. Meaning he gets to walk around poking out if his pants in public. Zero fun, yet funny enough for internet video fun on his expense.

  • yea. Most guys can get one just my thinking sexual thoughts. But either way he is technically aroused

  • Well, either it's there or it's not.

    From personal experience, I would say no, you can't fake it. Men can, however, fantasize and cause themself to get aroused and get a hard-on. That would take some effort though, and you would probably notice. Also, that kind of erection tends to go away after a very short time, unless the guy keeps his focus on the fantasy.

    You may consider it fake compared to one caused by the situation you're in, since it wasn't really caused by you.

    The stuff other people mention about pills is true as well. If someone really wants to fake it, they could have eaten some erection pills some time in advance.

  • Erection cannot be faked. It is visible that the penis is limp.

    Erection can be induced manually or by using oil or watching favorite p*rn video.

  • well at first I was like "fake" erection? you either have one or you dont. Strap on? xDD but I get you . umm. its probobly possible. I'm sure once he gets it in he will be thinking about you. but yeah. I don't think a guy would ever admit it to your face, but if he ever needed to, he's just using you for sex.

  • Probably not.

  • You can't fake an erection. Either it's hard or it's not. That doesn't mean I'm not turned on. If I don't get erect when I want to, I just have my wife do something to get me erect. ex: oral sex, manual stimulation, etc. That usually does the trick.

  • Yes, with my tongue and fingers.

  • Yeah I can make myself erect just by thoughts (it might take a few minutes) if I try but in 30 years I've never done it to have sex with a girl I wasn't attracted to.

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  • Obviously a guy can't fake an erection the way that a woman can fake an orgasm. He CAN think of some outside factor that arouses him in order to get hard. How do you think gay men carry on sexual relationships with females?

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