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What are side effects of eating or sucking women vagina?

What are side effects of eating or sucking women vagina?

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  • you swallow your liver and vomit your pancreas

    your feet explode, your eyes roll back inside of your head and your tounge turns to ash

    your a**hole starts talking to you, your urine turns blue and you suddenly become allergic to all hard stoned fruits . . . for some reason

    your right leg starts flailing uncontrollably, your toes go numb and your d*** explodes skyward, straight out of your pants like saturn 5 rocket.

    phew . . . kinda gnarly really

    on a more possitive note, if your doing it right, your lady friend should be feeling pretty good about the situation.

    take care now :)

What Girls Said 6

  • uhhh she comes? ..and possibly herpes, lmao.


  • certain death, god will smite you

  • Potential side effects include: a wet face, a sense of pleasure and/or accomplishment, a hard cock, and a happy lady.

  • Immense pleasure and a streaming wet face - watch out for the ones who like to hold your head by the ears and grind on to your nose. Please be careful of the side effects, it's possible they'll want a f*** after this too, your jaw might have already locked so you're unable to say NO and you may get a crick neck :O)

    • To reduce the wet face, lick thoroughly and swallow often. And I think you meant to say "Look for the ones", not "Watch out for the ones"...

    • I'd definitely say look for those. Good times. :)

  • It's quite fattening.. Heaps of calories.

  • uh nothing, unless she's covered in STDs

What Guys Said 9

  • No side effects. Suck away.

  • Excusing the grammar errors... which I really am not able to do... what other kind of vagina is there that you'd be interested in? Why'd you have to specify women's vagina?

  • ...

    • yeah bad breath is the only thing I can think of. other than STD's

  • Orgasm.

  • The major side effect is a horny woman

  • No bad side effects unless the girl has STD. It is always a pleasure to keep the girl sexually excited and ready for more action

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  • Getting an erection just from giving her oral pleasure.

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