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Moaning while kissing

A guy I've been 'kind of' seeing recently usually heavy breathes/makes little moaning noises after only a couple of minutes of kissing..is that... Show More

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  • It's probably just his thing. I'm quite silent, and I've had girls call me on it.

    • Would it be because of his attraction to me or just his style in general? Thanks for replying :-)

    • Most likely, a bit of both.

What Guys Said 3

  • dats weird. I've personally always left the noise makin to da gurl

    • Do the majority of men stay quiet? Maybe I haven't worded it that well..its not like he's screaming like a woman..lol! the moaning itself is normal, its just the fact it happens very early on in the kissing stage!!

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    • I definitely think he's genuinely doing it..so I presume he is very turned on..he must just be a highly sexed guy who gets turned on very easily methinks!!

    • Den...ENJOY!

  • There's also the chance that he doesn't know how to circular breathe and he just starts huffing to get air because you take his breath away, which is not a bad thing at all.

    I'd say its probably a combination of both to an extent though

    • Haha, I take his breath away?! Ah thank you :-)!

What Girls Said 1

  • Haha. my boyfriend moans a little. I think its funny. and it helps me know he's feeling good and I'm turning him on.

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