Appropriate age/ to lose your virginity?

I know its different for different people, but what would you say would be the youngest age to lose it without it being inappropriate? or how old do you have to be for it to weird your still a virgin? just wondering how you feel about it. I just know a lot of people I'm close with who have lost it pretty early on, and no it wasn't at some party or anything they had been in long term relationships like my one friend was only 14(end of her freshman year, so almost 15) she had been dating the kid for over 10 months so in my eyes, I think that's OK. another question: how long do you think you need to be in a relationship when your in high school before you start having sex? I'm 16. lets say I was in a relationship, and only waited like 2 or 3 months to have sex. would that be considered slutty to a lot of people? erm erm yeah. thanks for any feedback.

the guy in question is someone I really care about and can see a great future with, I'm really comfortable with I'm and trust him alot... I (and him of course) just... REALLY WANT TO HAVE SEX...


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  • There is no "appropriate" age. In some societies it was apparently your early teens.

    Nowadays it's when YOU are damn good and ready.

    The youngest "appropriate" age I'd say would be where it's legal to give your consent to sex in your area. Otherwise your partner can get in deep trouble especially if he/she is of legal age.

    I don't think it's weird to be a virgin at any age IF that is your choice.

    I was 23. I didn't want to have to wait that long. I thought I would have had to wait much longer.

    I've met some people - "mama's girl" etc. in their forties I think they are still virgins. One in particular, my wife told me that when they were in college she showed the other girl a Playgirl just to show what a naked man looked like - she had no idea! So we're all 40'ish. I'm sure she is.

    Same with an ex girlfriend of mine.

    How long do you have to be in a relationship? Until you both (not just one) think you're ready.

    No set time IMHO. I would have wanted to boink certain classmates the first chance I got. Never had the chance.

    Bottom line: there probably are no wrong answers.


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  • Around 18.

  • I think between 16 and 25 years is normal or OK :p

  • Age doesn't matter, what's important is that you see a future with the guy. Have some self respect and you'll know when the time is right.

    • yeah I think your right:)

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  • I say when you're OUT of high school. Anytime you have sex no matter how "safe" you're being there's a chance you could get pregnant, like the 20 something girls in my school right now. And you and that guy aren't going to last, unless you're that 1% of people that start dating at 16 and end up getting married and live happily ever after. So that's just my opinion on it. But I know you won't listen to me, so at least be safe when you do have sex. Use two forms of birth control (pills and condom), and never let him talk you intodoing it unprotected. "Pulling-out" isn't even a form of birth control, it's pretty stupid in my opinion.

    • i know were not going to last I'm not planning to get married to the kid... I just wanna enjoy myself with someone that I care about, even if it doesn't work out perfectly. thanks for the advice its appreciated

  • When you are ready, you are ready.

  • Whenever you feel that it's right, then it's up to you. I was dating my boyfriend for 3 years before I had sex with him at 15 :p

  • Married age

  • I don't think there's necessarily an appropriate age to start having sex. It's whenever you're ready emotionally and physically. It also helps when you have a place where you won't be interrupted and have contraception and are informed about STIs.

    I waited until I was 21 to have sex and looking back, for me it wasn't a big deal and it still isn't. But that's just me.

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