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Girls Only - Are teen girls attracted to older men?

I am just curious, so don't wave the perv flag ok? Are teen girls attracted to men age 35-45 if they are still very fit? Example: Tom Cruise, Brad... Show More

Girls, thank you for the responses. No offense guys, but I asked for "girls only" to comment.

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  • Not ones in my life because that's around the age of my dad and would make me feel weird. I love Brad Pitt but its different because he's in a movie and you can imagine him being whatever you want and a lot of the people he plays is really hot (achilles in troy). I just couldn't do something like that in real life.

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  • hell no for me. when I was a teenaged girl I liked the guys whom were around my age or a little older. I wouldn't go out with someone who's old enough to be my dad or lacked the maturity to be with some girl his age.

    • EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT......You want to hear something shocking ?? I have a friend who is a 63 year old man here in Florida, and he has two teen girls who fight for possession of him !YOU want more shocking ?? One is 17, and one is 14......I have told him that he is NUTS and that he might go to jail, but it has gone on for over a year, and the girls don't want him to leave him ! He may be sick to some of you, but the girls BEG him for intimacy...They are a couple of hot B.....s.

  • Yes I'm a 16 year old girl and I find older men very very attractive. Actually I have since I was 12. I'm not really sure what makes them so attractive but I just love the way they look. Not only the famous actors I'm attracted to your average every day guy. I think the laws are stupid, society's view on it is really screwed up. Who are they to say how old or young you have to be to be with someone. The first guy I was in love with was a lot older than me. As long as its not forced I don't see what the problem is.

    • Cuz ur still a kid and in the eyes of the law its statutory rape if a guy has sex with u, and even as a boyfriend....... guys who are older who get a young girlfriend whos 15-18 years old are 90% of the time gonna use them. USE them. use being the keyword there.so :Sand I've seen this happen several times, I don't know if what you had was legit, but there are ALOT of guys who would f*** a 16 year old and then dump him. they are called players(who like kids pretty much) :S

    • Since the beginning of time an older man has gone with younger girl and boy with older womenbecause to young kids would never survive.....that the way education was passed on....that way the younger could help the older with physical stuff and the older could use knowledge gained to keep them alive, its also proven that the species is better on the whole with that age difference than being the same age. plus I think older women treat younger better, same with older men, on the whole. it usen

  • YES! well at least I am...i don't know why...but I think it is just because they seem like they treat you a whole lot better then teenage guys do because the older men seem to know more and their not childish...and as for them being very fit that's just an added bonus for me...i just love older men like tom cruise and brad pitt...but leonardo decaprio is the ABSOLUTE BEST looking one EVER! and he seems very nice

  • not really unless they have self esteem issues or love polygamist groups

  • Yes! I'm 18.. So 45 is kinda pushin it! Lol. But I think nice looking guys around 20-35 are really hott! I don't know why tho but I just really like them! But once you hit like 45 && 50... that's just kinda gross!

  • yes for me older man is more mature and better although my boyfriend is not very romantic but I really love him because he is caring !moreover , girls is always a few years ahead thinking mature than boys therefore older man will be attractive to teens gilrs fro sure at least to me it is !

  • "Perv flag" lolI always fall for guys 20-37ish.it's getting a little ridiculous because I'm just seventeen. :)

    • Wish I knew you.. 33 SWM

    • Well, it appears you are a member of the idiot club, whose president is sunspotmia. If you want to stay stupid and shallow, then continue dating guys like "Likemyung."

  • Yes, I have been attracted to an older man before... I think the oldest was like, 36ish?I'm mostlly attracted to them because either they are good looking, or their lives are developed to a point where I see myself being at that time... Business men to me for some reason are sexy.. always have been! I guess its cause they seem to have their shit together and have done well for themselves..

  • Yes, I'm 17 and I've been attracted to older guys for as long as I can remember. My friends used to think it was weird that I said 30-45 guys were good looking. I find boys my own age alright also, but I just appreciate the way older men carry themselves. They're more intelligent, engaging and I find their physical features much more attractive than a teenage boys. No, I wasn't abused by my father and I'm not going around trying to be Lolita, I just think they're appealing.

  • yes I like 20 year olds

  • Well when I was like 14 or so I sat in class fantasizing about brad pit and tom cruise and christain slater in interview with a vampire. I wasn't aloud to see the movie but from the previews with kirsten dunst who is about my age kissing Brad Pitt, yes I remember going to the bathroom in school and wondering why my cotton hanes were so wet.

    • That is sexy, I wish I knew you. I am a great older guy (33)

    • You need to go back to school if you are out of school, or if you are still in school, you need to pay attention. Your spelling is terrible. "I wasn't ALOUD to see..." should have been "I wasn't ALLOWED to see..." Get your head out from between your legs and start paying attention to things that will truly help you in life, like education. If you are a dummy, which you already sound like you are, it doesn't matter how pretty you are. Good guys don't like dummies. Grow up.

    • Jeeem sounds jealous. What's wrong never had an orgasm?

  • well I'm 16 and I really don't like 35-45 year oldsi like guys around 19-25

  • I've found older men attractive since I was very young. I'm actually in a relationship with a great guy in his early 50s. He's caring, mature, great sense of humor, and great in bed. I had a crush on him since I was 16 but didn't talk to him about it till I was 18

  • i just turned 18 yesterday and am going out with a 23 years old guy.I like older guys because they are so much more mature. and I hate high school boys.

  • I can't help but find some older guys attractive. I don't know what it is. That said, I would never date one because of the stigma surrounding that kind of thing.

  • Usually I go for guys older than me but not guys that old. Usually I like guys who are between 20-30...and I am only 16 so that kind of sucks.

    • Same here; I'm 17 and I'm REALLY attracted to 20-30 year olds... but it never works out :(

    • Yeah, it sucks. I've fallen really hard for a 20 year old right now, and I totally can't have him...so I'm kind of bummed out.

    • I'm here 4 u, don't be sad ladies

  • I am one of those young girls who are only attracted to men in their 30's and up. I wouldn't say all of them that I am attracted would be consider a "Brad Pitt". Gray hairs and some weight doesn't bother me at all since I fall for who they are on the inside. Once I fall for who they are on the inside, I will naturally fall for who they are on the outside.

  • Yes, but only the good looking ones.

  • Four WordsJohnny DeppHugh Hefner

What Guys Said 5

  • I am sure it happens,for some bizarre reason young girls fancy old men,it's most probably for their money or lifestyle if they are famous,thankfully though ugly old men like myself with nothing to offer won't get any attention from any women at all let alone underaged ones.

  • Well we are both in the same bracket so I ask, don't you remember having a crush on older women like elizabeth taylor, Raquel Welch , Betty Grable , Doris Day , Marylynn Monroe..your moms friend...your teacher ...etc? I would have to think teens still get crushes on older folks as well, I sure did when I was a teeny -bopper. :-) Oh Mrs.Wigdor, my 5th grade teacher... :-) oh and my pre-school teacher..whatever her name was..she looked like mary taylor moore with a 70's bra-less tight t-shirt look and the scarf around her neck...MMmmmmMM .."memories, like the corners of my mind"

  • Im 32 and my Girlfriend is 15. I know that it sounds wrong, but I really am in love with her and I am not using her. So some guys are pervs, but some found love in the oddest of places.

  • isn't katie holmes like years younger than tom

    • Who gives a f*** about celebrities? lol

  • Girls like Brad Pitt because he's FAMOUS, wealthy and good-looking. If you're famous or wealthy, a different set of rules govern your life. Good looks alone don't cut it. Wealthy 40 year old guys can score with hot 20 year olds. Famous 40 year olds can rent apartments on the French Riveriera with their 19 year old mistress. Good looking 40 year olds who work at Circuit City and try picking up on 20 year olds a a joke. Aint fair, but it's life. Plus, men who go for far younger girls are usually hugely insecure. They're commonly terrified of mature women. But keep trying! You're good enough, you're smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like you!

    • Haha, no, this isn't me, you guys. See? If I was the poster, I wouldn't be identified in this response. Anyhow, I'm attracted to 20 and 30 somethings, not teens.

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    • Well why don't we kill the wealthy and famous. Let the gun govern their lives and the most brutal take all from our society that allows money to keep the weak in power! I'm a One man revolution!

    • The insecurity thing is not true as far as myself. If anything...just the opposite. The mother of my son is 18 years younger than myself. She is gorgeous and has a line of guys that want to date her. But it usually doesn't workout due to different principles and the way you view things. But get along for my son. Wanted to date her because she was attractive and bright. Have dated many women from my age down to 18 years younger. Agree with you..financial security is attractive to some women.

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