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It freaking hurt! Baaaadd...Waah!

Well me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time...well wouldn't really call that embarrassing situation 'sex'. I mean..he couldn't even barely... Show More

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  • it is normal for sex to be painfull the first time. But the condom without lube isn't helping.

    Try more foreplay, Maybe buy some lube.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with you. If it is your first time, it can be more painfull if you are nervous because you are tense. try to relax.

    • Yus the condom he got was so not..lubey enough. It was practically dry the second time he entered me. Yikes damn that hurt, which condoms are the best and are super slick?

What Guys Said 2

  • i had the same situation with some chick not too long ago... and it was because there was no foreplay at first which I bet a million dollars that, that was also your situation to

    • Foreplay such as? I mean we made out, he rubbed me off a little too but I was nervous as f***. :/

    • well, I guess you guys didn't do enough, or you wasn't putting enough interest in it. I mean you just admit it was your first time so you should have sex like real lovers do. never like p*rn stars!

  • It was because it was your first time - and the first time experience is mostly horrible for everyone.

    So don't worry; you don't have "some sort of condition where it is always going to hurt"

    Next time, try to remain relaxed - it's not good when there's tension in the muscles.

    Try a lot of foreplay (for you) so that you are up to the task as well and not immediately jump into the act.

    I heard taking a hot shower before helps "loosen and ease" the process if it is difficult the first time.

    practice makes perfect; but always be safe and use protection.

    Good luck

What Girls Said 5

  • You need to relax and try again, build up to it. Kissing, touching, foreplay then the actual act of sex

  • god now I don't wanna lose my virginity! I'm scared of the pain lol

  • Youve been punched in the vag?

    • Ive hit it on something hard before by accident yes..dont ask lol

    • Im not going to, you're safe :P

  • You were tight and nervous.Youve got to relax...but I could undestand the tension.

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