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Do sisters all have similar vaginas?

Okay so I did my girlfriends sister once before I did her and their vaginas were like the same. I have a friend with twin sisters and their vaginas... Show More

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  • its genetics, so of course there similar! I have 2 older sisters and ours are similar

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  • I'm not interested in my sisters' vaginas. Thank you.

    • Thank you ghetto fabulous, why bother answering?

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    • Ok ghetto queen, far from butthurt. I asked a question, and you answered without an answer. It's a waste of my time. Go shake your ass somewhere else.

    • Calling me ghetto isn't hurting my feelings. & your question was flat out stupid.

  • do dads and sons have the same penis and penis size?

    • no

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    • i know how to f***ing read dumbass... go back to school and learn anatomy because obviously you do not know enough vaginas to say sisters look the same idiot. this is such a dumb question literally. maybe a girl should f*** you and your brother and maybe your dad too just to see then ask if they all are the same.

  • lol weird question. F***if I know, I don't ask my sisters to let me look at their vags so I can compare o_O. It would make sense though, due to genetics and all.

  • Um it's kind of weird you're seeing so many sister vaginas but no. I have a sister and we have different builds.

    • Not really it just happens? Nudity isn't a big deal. So you and your sister have different p******?

  • If yes genetics, if not genetics.

  • it seems like you'd lknow this more than anyone else, since youve seen three sets of sisters and most sisters have only seen.. one..

What Guys Said 3

  • I would guess there is range. I know for a fact brothers can have significantly different penises - someone I know tells me her younger son who is 6 is practically bigger then his 9 year old brother.

  • For such a liberal website with a bunch of young contributors, I am shocked at the negative responses and attacks at the QA. I in no way interpreted this to be anything but a legitimate question. I have two sisters myself and have obviously seen them naked from time to time through out life and they were similar yes.

    • Thank you for your decent response.

  • If its a younger sister than yes usually they will be smaller. Hmm too bad my gfs sister is 16 lol!


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